This maybe obvious to some people, annoying to instant-gratification lazy types of people like me, but it is helpful to remember
that reality checking is to be practiced everyday until one no longer wants to have lucid dreams.

It is one of the ways to insert the topic of lucid dreaming in the mind, and to practice the awareness one needs to navigate it without downing too fast.

If there are some guys like me out there, don't worry (if you can) about timings, outcomes, when's, because there is endless growing available and no need to stop or give up prematurely if expectations are not met in expected time

Wise man say expectations are fundamental to lucid dreaming, but let's not impose a deadline on them !
Lucid dreaming (and living for that matter) is a big non stop continuous type, more or less running on the underground, of reality check - or so i think

If you stop practicing reality checks, you (probably) stop lucid dreaming.

Cheers !