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      unfortunately the whole site is closed to me (error 403). do other members have the same problem as me? maybe the site is open to only certain IPs and locations.
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      thank you very much but i have still the same problem. even i googled the link (the link is correct) but it shows the same error. could you please copy the text for me? thanks.
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      Good to see you around! I had a dream that we're in the same class just today!
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      Join us doing the tasks of the month! So much fun!
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      Gosto de como mesmo depois da minha vida toda aqui, ainda descubro recantos novos para explorar todas as semanas!
      Como te percebo ^^

      Também tenho andado parado neste departamento, mas recentemente 2 amigas revelaram imenso interesse, então comecei a dar-lhes aulas de LDing...e pk não voltar à velha vida?! E prontos, once an onironaut, always an onironaut
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      Então como vão as coisas ?
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      Bom início de ano Sr. VagalTone ^^ A nossa comunicação é como a lucidez: às vezes pode andar desaparecida por uns tempos, mas eventualmente recupera-se
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      Estava a ler um artigo e parei na seguinte passagem:

      "The strength of your vagus response is known as your vagal tone and it can be
      determined by using an electrocardiogram to measure heart rate."

      E pensei "espera lá...." e percebi a origem do teu nome E mais uma coincidência, à procura do teu username acabei num post aqui no dreamviews feito pelo teu irmão! Tão cedo não me esqueço deste artigo xD
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      A sério? Já lá fui muitas vezes, mas não foi bem pela fracensinha deves é ter apanhado com a juventude académica toda não xD?
      Quando passares por cá outra vez avisa e vamos a um restaurante com uma das melhores francesinhas do país, já vi que também és fã
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      Pois não sei, vou ver se vejo se isso é um problema geral Ainda nao, como estou no serviço estou a alternar entre DV e outras coisas, a ver se com mais calma leio as replies todas ^^
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    Check your memory, did any suprising event happpen ? does the present make sense ? visualize what you will do when lucid, and how. Reality check as reminder of your intention to lucid dream tonight. Sleep as good as you can; when going to sleep, relax and invite whatever comes with curiosity. Grab your dream journal immediately as you awake and write everything you can recall (if only when you wake up for good). Keep calm, positive and persistent, and don't forget to have fun along the way


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    by VagalTone on 12-16-2018 at 12:52 PM
    Catch up sleep and counting anchor after dream journalling gave me a couple LD's tonight
    Tried to stabilize and do my dream plan but lost myself talking with dream characters and lost lucidity
    Keeping your intention forefront and urgent is lucidity saving
    Need to work a little more with my dream plan so that whatever situation i happen to be, i can work from there instead of trying to solve a problem

    Urine induced lucid dream

    by VagalTone on 01-29-2017 at 11:31 AM
    After a 45 minute WBTB, without exposure to artificial light, decided to drink a cup of coffee and half a banana.

    It took some 30 mins or so to fall asleep, although i expected to remain awake ( which alleviated the pressure and fear of failure so to speak)

    In the dream i feel an urge to pee, so i have a false awakening and go to WC but it does not relieve me, so this makes me remember to RC

    The LD lasted until the urge was too strong to remain asleep

    This was an interesting finding, and surely opens some avenues for experimentation. There is already a technique called urine initiated lucid dream. It can generate false awakenings about using WC and this can be exploited to realize lucidity

    This cup of coffe had a strange diuretic effect. I did not drink water during WBTB

    I probably can substitute water for coffee, although i may miss the coffe stimulating effect on mind faculties

    The urge to urinate can be a trigger to RC and if the urge remains after peeing should be a sign one is using a dream body.

    If one is well hydrated, proabably there will be more than 6 opportunities to pee in a day and to build this pee-RC reflex. And if one trains to remain with the urge to pee and not immediately visit the WC ( which must happen if one is to remain in bed ) it can also be used to RC at every urge you feel. But be careful not to change your bladder habits or disturb its autonomic functioning. Be aware that you can also urinate in your bed, it might happen in theory.. But if you get lucid before peeing it should be no problem

    This urge can also be used to wake up and WBTB

    Gonna keep some experimentation on this

    Updated 01-29-2017 at 02:26 PM by VagalTone

    lucid , side notes

    TOTM- Find a forgotten Christmas present under the tree and open it- success

    by VagalTone on 01-07-2017 at 09:52 AM
    DEiILD/WILD after natural awakening

    OBE style exit. Get out of bed, open my room stores and window and jump while watching my hands to keep senses engaged.

    I arrive at the 0 floor and find an open hall. I enter it while still trying to stabilize and deepen my senses. I try to remember TOTM and the first i decide because i think it will be easiest is to find the christhmas present.
    So, as i turn back i see a christhmas pine and the present in a red wood box.
    I open with and there's another red box inside, something like the marioskas. Some impatience arises, as i find this will become an infinite regression lol. The last box had only, yeah, ahh... money. The coins i have saved during the year or so, you know the coins with the lowest value we carry in the pockets and gather at the end of the day, don't know how it is called in English.

    Then, i go outside and begin singing that i am lucid and don't give a fuck what dream characters think, then faded and could not DEILD
    lucid , task of the month

    another WILD success

    by VagalTone on 10-18-2015 at 01:49 PM
    Bed time : 23h. Woke up naturallly at 3:40. Listen to the tape twice (30min). Woke up from dream at 5:30

    2nd night in a row where i woke up naturally and listened to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irzDKzALjoQ, while focusing on body sensations and, sporadically, on visual colours (phospenes) after which i let myself fall asleep while retaining some awareness of the body. After some time, which i didn´t notice, the hypnagogic sensatons began and as usually i begin the drem as soon as i feel i can move my dream (lighter) body and get out of bed.

    My lucid confidence is increasing ! Hope this good streak continues ! For a long time, i am beginning to think it's better to have a previous dream plan

    4th night

    by VagalTone on 02-16-2015 at 03:56 PM
    4th of WILD experience

    Not much sucess again besides vivid dreams, but i also applied SSILD.
    Why can´t i practice only one thing at the same time ?? Because i don´t wanna lose one single opportunity to have a lucid dream