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      What are creative ways to make WBTB interesting?

      For WBTB, I am tired when I wake up and do it halfheartedly. So I was wondering, what are ways to make WBTB interesting?

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      I have this problem too. I'm usually way too lazy to do anything during WBTB so i say 'eh f**k it i'll do it another time', then just fall back asleep.

      I think what i'm going to try tonight is to do a reality check when i wake up, and after that, if i'm still not motivated i'll do another reality check (of a different type).
      Remind yourself why you're doing WBTB, how worthwhile it is to have a Lucid Dream (or even just an exciting normal dream), etc etc. Lucid Dreaming is not only
      an incredible experience in many ways, but it's also very beneficial. I hope someone else has something more helpful for you haha
      Thanks for asking this though, it made me realise that this is actually one of the biggest hurdles i have.

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      I can't really answer your question. But I can tell you what works for me.

      I not to make such a big deal out of WBTB. Whenever I tried to do lots of stuff... get out of bed, meditate, visualize and plan the LD before WILD and MILD and what not I ended up with fewer lucids. Simply because it was so hard to motivate myself to do it that I ended up not bothering at all most nights.

      Now I just sit up in bed and write down some quick notes on my dreams, so I can remember and write it down properly in the morning. Maybe I'll grab a glass of water or go to the toilet.

      Then it's just MILD and/or WILD.

      I also don't do this every night. I feel like it gets a bit tedious... So it's just monday, wednesday and friday.

      I have another alarm I sometimes turn on. It turns itself off after 15 seconds. Nice for FILD ad DEILD. Though I'm not very good at those two. Actually I'm horrible at them. But it takes so little effort that I still give it a shot every now and then.

      Edit: funny story: One time I gave up on FILD because sleepy lighrkvader thought it would be too much work to go get the piano and bring it to bed.
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      It is way too easy for me to go the "f*** it, I'll do it another night" route, so I have an alarm that requires me to solve three easy-moderate level math problems (for example, 54 + 17 or 7 * 6) before it will shut off. By then, I am usually awake enough to resist temptation of falling immediately back to sleep. As a fail safe I keep my bottle of water on the desk across the room, which forces me up as I tend to wake up with dry mouth. As for making it fun... I might pick up a book for 10-15 minutes to keep my mind going without staring at a screen that will get me too awake. This actually works pretty well with fantasy/fiction books, as it forces you to start visualizing.

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