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    Thread: writting dreams during the night and skill of getting back to sleep

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      writting dreams during the night and skill of getting back to sleep

      I find I wake often during the night at micro awakenings and have decent recall. If I don't write anything until the very last wake, then I don't have great recall, or only remember the last dream at times. When i was most active in Lucid practice I'd jot some brief note during most micro awakenings. This felt like a great bridge for conscious intent during the night. I'd like to get back into being able to make very brief notes, but at times I find I'm left awake which can make me regret doing these practices. Lying awake after wbtb can be one of the main hazzards of lucid practice. nothing worse than realising I've been awake since 4 and am now not going to get back to sleep and will be in work soon

      What skills or techinques do people use to get back to sleep?

      Things I find helpful are
      counting 21 breaths (has become a conditioned signal to brain by now that I'm going to sleep so quit the mental jabbering pls..)
      focusing on rest and medititve acceptance, so if it takes time to sleep, I can enjoy it, at times finding lovely inbetween spaces and if not at least being chilled
      At times using ear plugs and maybe curtains to protect the senses
      At times going into the spare room so wife turning over in bed doesnt disturb..
      If really awake for a time, I may put on a yoga nidra recording
      learning to not wake too much and hold onto the sleepy vibe
      considering having some melatonin near the bed

      appreciate any other suggestions or reflections...

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      Like you, I find after WBTB I'm often up for the rest of the night . So annoying! Some things i try:

      Don't know why, but I find I fall asleep more easily if I breathe in and out through my mouth than through my nose!
      I have a red light pen that I use if I want to write down any dreams, so that I'm not woken up by white light.
      I like watching phospenes, the slight lightshow behind my eyelids. Its dreamy and relaxing.
      Gentle repetitive visualisation: walking down stairs, walking through a desert towards mountains at night, sitting by a beach counting waves.
      Progressive muscle relaxation is great, where you tense and relax each muscle in the body individually.
      Yawn and stretch lots! that makes me sleepy
      I sometimes revisit the dream I've just woken from, doing LaBerge's mILD technique - sometimes this sends me to sleep, but other times it wakes me up.
      Learn a soothing repetitive poem off by heart, and recite it to myself. This is my favourite, and has the highest sleep success rate. I also like that I can tell when I'm starting to fall asleep because the words start to get jumbled as I try to remember them.

      good luck Patjunfa
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      I can relate to OP! I have been more the type who its easy to wake and hard to get back to sleep. Lately I haven't had as much trouble though, not sure why. I think I've been tiring myself out more during the day. But not really intentionally. I definitely need to wake periodically through the night to record my dreams though or else they are gone by morning.

      I use "blue blocking lenses" and "blue light filters" if I need to use any lighting

      And if I get RLS I move and stretch my legs for 15 minutes or so

      Also in terms of falling asleep try to look up "rollover signals" because if you fidget a lot your body might not go to sleep. But if you stay still its easier to fall asleep. I found this helped me but sometimes it was difficult not to fidget.
      Here is what I am up to in the dream world!

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