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    Thread: WBTB with Mild or SSILD

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      WBTB with Mild or SSILD

      Which one should I use in the beginning?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Enz View Post
      Which one should I use in the beginning?
      Hi Enz! I guess you want to know which will work better. Sensory awareness and MILD affirmations/exercises are both good practices. I incorporate elements of all the methods.

      I think if you're a beginner they will both have an equal chance of working. You could just pick one or the other to primarily focus on.

      Something about MILD seems simpler to me. And I think its more commonly used for beginners. But SSILD is pretty simple too.

      I am kind of racking my brain about it. Do you mean as a technique to do right as you go back to sleep? Yeah. Just find what you like better is my advice. I think Both are equally likely to work when practices so whatever you like better will be good
      Here is what I am up to in the dream world!

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