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    Thread: Hello again

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      Hello again

      Itís been a couple years since Iíve been around here, and I thought Iíd pop back in and say hi. A couple years ago I came in and mentioned a book I had written that came from an idea I got in a dream. The update is that I have now published that book and one other, and have two others already written that will be published in the next few months.

      I wonít go on about the books. If anyone wants more info, you can PM me or look me up on Amazon. As far as lucidity, itís been up and down. Iíve never really tried to have lucid dreams, but theyíve kind of just happened my entire life. Iím still having them on occasion, but not as often as I did when I was regularly reading and posting here. I think thereís something about something just being in the forefront of your mind. Anyway, Iíll try not to be such a stranger. Happy dreaming everyone.
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      Hi!! Welcome back.


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