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    Thread: Using Amazon Echo to Dream Journal

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      Using Amazon Echo to Dream Journal

      I just had an idea. I just created a list with Amazon Alexa called Dreams. What if every morning when I first get up, if I remember fragments of the dream, I just say, "Alexa, add [fragments of the dream] to Dreams list"? I haven't tried this, but I will try it tomorrow morning if I remember any dreams.

      Are there any problems with this idea?

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      I don't have an Alexa, but It sounds as though this idea would work. I have read of people using Dictaphone's so this is the same sort of thing I guess.
      The downside however would be having to listen back. Most people that voice record end up writing it down eventually anyway. That way its easy to come back to and analyse at a later date.
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      The only thing that I would be a little concerned about is that it, from what I've heard, is also known to record other private conversations and send them to people on your contact list without you knowing. Just throwing caution into the wind here but, you may want to do some research before you start using it for your dream journal. Just saying, just saying.
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      Sunfire and Ic161 both make good points.

      I'm not sure if speaking things into Alexa will automatically save it all in a text format for you. And if it does I am unsure of how good the format it for reading back. If not an alternative could something through Google or Siri. For example, use Google voice to add voice to text notes to Google Keep, or use Siri and voice command that assistant to convert your speech to text in the Notepad app. You can speak and it will translate it into writing for you, and they'll also be backed up on cloud storage in case you ever lose or break the device.
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      I like recording just voice and then typing it in later. It gives me a chance to go over the dream and analyze it when I'm properly awake, and I often catch interesting details, themes, or symbolisms this way.
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