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    Thread: What can I do about broken and poorly formed dreams?

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      What can I do about broken and poorly formed dreams?

      I tried a WILD last night because I accidentally woke up. Didn't expect anything as it was my first attempt in years, but somehow I entered a lucid dream. However, it was super shaky and broken. It was very difficult for me to actually feel like I was in the dream. I only reached the point where I had full scenery and was able to talk and move and feel like it was real a couple times and it took constant focus to hold everything together. I expected scenery to form itself but I kept encountering blank nothing and had to try to visualize. It was more like enhanced visualization than a dream.

      How do I fix this?
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      Try to feel your dream body and then try to feel the connection between your dream body and your desired dream scene (the ground, the air, ect.) Then, try moving around in the dream scene that you feel. Let everything else in the dream form around your sense of touch.

      Alternatively, you could focus on some other relatively small, easy part of the dream to focus on and let the dream form around that.

      If the dream isn't forming around something you're focusing on for some reason, find something else to focus on.
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      well mate
      as you said your self, you haven't tried in years to have a lucid dream, so what do you really expect? congrats on achieving lucidity though. you need to get back to basic's and learning stabilization techniques again. oh boy the learning all over again as dolphin said: feel your dream body, some people claim by focusing on your hands and constantly hold the thought all this is a dream, is a good way to stabilize the dream environment around you, again which of your dream body's senses are strongest? is it touch by any chance? if it is, touch everything you can. run your hands over everything dont be shy! run your hands over, feel the textures feel everything, i understand how you feel mate. who likes those damn dark luminous lucid dreams, what works for me: is understanding who you are. fixing those dark dreams is easy once you know that. are you a man of science or god? ask your self.
      now take your weapons into lucidity with you. your faith or knowledge whatever? you have to seek the answers to your question. you also have to expect your method to work. without fail.
      when i find my self in those dark looking lucid dream realms/scenes. I speak it out. Like god does in the bible. Let there be Light! and there is Light, in some form or another. others who have awakened to there inner voices. say Clarity now! or Consciousness now! you have to find what best work for you. let there be light! and expecting/believing it to always work when i say it *expectation*, another method... if things are way to damn dark! and you feel like your walked into some dark void/dimension.... so damn dark and you see nothing but darkness? i call it the void. if you happen to found your self here, im sorry bro. but your lucky for i learnt one technique to help me out while in this void, just pick ANY random direction it doesn't matter which. just make sure its outwards ok, straight after you picked your direction, you gotta run like you have never ran before, and once you reach top speed try run even faster! once your at superspeed. use some theoretical science here. use your mind to bend the darkness before you as your spiraling through it, as it bends you gain distance and more speed. keep running. if all works out well for you? you might just see a dark neighborhood ahead of you, slow down explore.

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