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      A guardian snake which gave me no fear

      Im going to begin with some context, I have recently been going through a process of self spiritual rekindle. I was recently in a very dark place in life in which i smoked weed very heavily for recreational purposes. To cope with working long hours at this restaurant and for social reasons as i would always be with friends. This was a dark time more specifically for my own inner spiritual connection to myself. I miss this time in my life because i was loved by friends and had all my friends from childhood still around me. I have since moved and have been clean from MJ for nearly 5 months. But without this connection to my peers around me i grew depressed and without a sense of purpose.

      I have been practicing and reading about self emotional control. In order to cope with the move. Attempting to gain control of myself and my own actions ona day to day. Not letting family or the people around me influence my emotions. The past couple of weeks i feel that i have been really successful at this and my dreams have been very lucid recently, especially within the past week and half. I am experiencing surreal moments in my own day to day waking life of conscious lucidity. As if though i feel more aware when i am awake. I think this has had a profound impact on my dreams when i am asleep as well, but only very recently. I have not read or explored the dreaming aspect of the mind as i have been so focused on my own waking lucidity. In fact tonight i just made this account and found this forum for the express purpose of describing a dream that i experienced last week that i cannot get out of my head and i think it very well does have meaning. If any of you can help me inject some meaning into this that i could have overlooked. It would be greatly appreciated.

      Here it is copy pasted from my notes.

      "i had a dream a week ago or so now. It was of a a beautiful path/walkway in a garden at the end there was a gateway, Cladded with two pillars and the unknown. This entire place felt like a dome structure. I felt a desire to go towards it and into it. A snake came from the garden the moment i acted on this desire and bite my thumb and right hand engulfing it with a strangle. I felt pain, true pain but i did not feel fear. When this happened with no hesitation i grabbed the snake with my left hand and teared it from my skin. Im not sure if i tossed it at that point back into the brush or if i took it and teared it in half. Throwing it onto the ground. But after the snake was dealt with i leapt into the gate in a stride and at that point my memory of the dream was over, but i did not wake up. I only remember a feeling of discovery and wonder. "
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