Hi All,

I decided with all the hype and nonsense on YouTube that I'd try to create a "beginner's guide to lucid dreaming" only without all the misinformation and BS that gets squeezed into most of those kinds of videos (actually, hopefully this will act as an antidote to some of that!). So there's no "lucid dream tonight" or "lucid dream instantly" in this video.

Done it in a more casual "YouTubey" style than usual, as it seems to be the kind of thing that YouTube promotes. Hopefully, this video will help balance out some of the hype. Might have to start the hashtag #fightthehype as it's getting a bit out of hand over on YT.

Anyway, check it out here, and if you can do your bit to share it around maybe we can make YT a bit less of an absolute sh1tshow for lucid dreaming content.

Hope you find it useful


If you can do your bit to share it around, hopefully, we can get it seen by beginners before the hype merchants get to them!