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      I only sleep 5 and a half hours a day - Is LDing and dream recall possible?

      I go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 5:30 since I have an unchangeable daily routine. Can I be a lucid dreamer?

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      Sure, LDing and dream recall is possible with 5.5 hours of sleep. You can be a lucid dreamer!

      You could become lucid by developing your awareness of your dreams and ability to identify signs of dreaming or you could become lucid from consciously extending dreams you wake up from.

      Try to notice what is happening while you're sleeping. When you notice an awakening, try to recall what you noticed. The idea is to develop your awareness and memory in general.

      Noticing more awakenings will give you more chances to lucid dream. We have periods of REM sleep throughout the night and we could potentially notice what is happening during our periods of REM sleep. Try to get to the point where you're noticing awakenings before 5:30. Being able to notice more awakenings will give you more chances to lucid dream.

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      Yes. O.O

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      I used to sleep for about 6 hours a day. I had long amazing lucid dreams even then. When I started practicing more often and more seriously I tried little by little to extend my sleep to the average 8 hours just so that I could practice techniques using the same timing as everyone else to make things easier. It did take some adjustment. Either way, definitely... I had one of the longest, most vivid, amazing lucid dreams when I was sleeping about 6 hours a night.

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