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      Hypnagogia issues

      So Iím pretty sure that Iím experiencing hypnagogia right as Iím dozing off. Itís like my mind is rapidly changing channels on a tv, occasionally pausing on a scene.

      Ex. As I was falling asleep, I briefly stepped into a ďsceneĒ where I saw a celebrity in my house.

      The problem Iím experiencing is that my brain will be like ďOh Iím dreaming. Thereís no way this dude would show up here randomly.Ē And then I wake up. It also does this when it recognizes recurring dream themes, like animals. As soon as it recognizes these, it wakes itself up.

      This is really annoying, cause now I canít even fall asleep. I got three hours of sleep last night cause my mind just refused to settle somewhere. I even tried taking a nap later and the same thing happened. (It also didnít help that my mom and brother were arguing downstairs).

      Note: Iíve lucid dreamed before, several times, but they were all spontaneous. (I do regular reality checks and occasional journal entries, but now Iím doing it more frequently. I am also playing around with the Rausis method).

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      I haven't heard of this problem before. It's understandable that you'd be annoyed at this. Try to stay calm, if you can. If you could stay calm, this could help you sleep.

      If it's impossible to get enough sleep even while completely calm, I don't know what else could help.

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