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      My 1st LD was worth remembering......

      Hi every1, my first post hope its in the right section. Sorry for long post.

      Ok, I only just found out about LD the other day. I came across dreamviews.com and read through it a few times, I was fascinated with this LD dreaming thing, it was new to me.

      So straight away I started doing reality checks during the day (obsessively, like 5-6 times an hour). I mostly check my wrist watch (which I have never worn regulary till now) and switch lights on and off when I enter my room or bathroom.

      I never remember dreams really, but since saturaday I can remember at least two dreams a night (albeit very blurry and vauge). I have been doing a dream journal for three days and didn't expect to have a LD for a while. I have also read about SP and am confused as to how SP and LD are related?

      I went to bed at 2am last night. I drank a pint of water before hand and as I fell asleep I told myself "I will remember my dreams". I woke up at 5.15 and had just had a long dream. I wrote down what i remembered (few missing gaps) and then went to the tiolet. I then went back to bed, but I didn't fall asleep till about 6.15ish.

      Next thing I know is im awake, something didn't feel right. I tried to move my right arm but suddenly a sharp numbness arised in my arm, then a high pitched sreech noise was in my right ear (I was lying left side down). I seemed conscious and knew it was SP. I tried to fall back asleep but then I opened my eyes and the SP had gone. I layed still, a bit shook up, it wasn't pleasent. Then I got out of bed and glanced towords my alarm clock. However instead of seeing digits (i was going to do a reality check) all I saw was random LED segments lit up, so I looked again and different LED segments were lit up (is this usual?)

      So I stood up and looked back towards my bed. For some reason I was expecting to see myself lying there, but there was no-one so I walked to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. My image was distorted, I then looked at my left hand - my fingers were huge and I didn't see a thumb. At that piont I knew i was lucid (at the time anyway).

      Then the room gets lighter and linkin park is playing (i hate linkin park). The layout of my room is different and I started to put some random clothes on. It was then that I thought about my flat mate, then suddenly.. "Knock,Knock,Knock". I opened the door and my flatmate (the 1 I had just thought about) was like "come into my room". I said give me 1min. At this point I was excited, I like my flatmate but she has a boyfreind. I checked my clothes looked right and then headed for my door, but I saw something in my bed. I pulled of the sheets and get this, a younger version of my younger sister was lying there fast asleep (???). It confused me, but i left my room and headed for my flatmates room.

      I went in and we started kissing instantly. However I felt a bit awkward (she has a boyfreind). I thought about her boyfriend and how guilty I felt. I opened my eyes and i was kissing.......her boyfriend! Then I woke up. It was 8.10am. I wrote the entire thing in my dream journal straight away.

      Its the most vivid dream I have ever had. I felt like I was controling myself but I wasn't controling my surroundings. I fairly sure it was a LD, but not certain.

      I have a few Q's, if any of you have the time to ansewr them I will greatly apprecite it.

      Was i dreaming about SP or did it sound real from my description?
      Whats the link between SP and LD?
      Why did the clock not show actual digits?
      Finally, is feeling guilt normal in a LD?

      Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post.

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      0. Yes, it was a Lucid, well, atleast a very small part of it was. Then you werent lucid anymore. You should practice on staying lucid for eg. when you realize your dreaming keep reapeting to yourself "im dreaming" or keep doing RCs. EVERY DREAM WHEN YOU REALIZE YOUR DREAMING IS LUCID. Now lucidness can be only for a few moments. But still, its a part lucid dream!

      1. Habba-wha? Dreaming about what?

      2. The link is this: SP sets in so you dont act out your dreams. It happens every night but this time you were awake ( your mind at least ) and you noticed it.

      3. Its a dream for shit sake, why should it show real digits? Thats why its a good method of checking if your awake or not BUT sometimes you get a dream that is so stable that you even see real digits even if you look away and back.
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      Thanks for reply.

      I know what SP is but what I don't know is what made me wake up while in SP and is bieng awake during SP essential for becoming lucid?

      I had read that clocks do show actual numbers, but the numbers change whenever you look back. It still worked as a reality check but I was confused when I had woken up and thought about it. Same thing though I sopose.

      Hoping I'll have another tonight.

      Its funny, im such a skeptic when it comes to things out of the ordinary (Aliens, witchcraft etc.). If you told be bout LD i wud have thought you were taking the p*ss. But since I almost understand (to an extent) what is happening, I find it really exciting and completely believable. (my dad thinks iv gone mad).


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