I was just wondering if anyone have experienced anything like this before. Basically this happens for me when I try to become lucid by doing techniques such as FILD or WILD.

Right, so I lay down in bed or on a couch, whatever it might be. I then start to relax. When I'm totally relaxed I start to use whatever technique I might wanna try at the given time. When I get far into it, and I'm really tired while either repeating sentences if I try WILD, or moving my fingers if I try FILD, depending of what I'm trying of course, I actually find myself slipping in and out of totally random dreams. Like suddenly I find myself in a dream, seconds later I'm out of it and can lay still with closed eyes and just recall what just happened. Then a very short amount of time after that the same thing happens. I find myself in yet another random dream and seconds later I slip out of it again.

It doesn't bother me or anything. I find it pretty interesting. Mind you, in those short dream I can't really tell whenever I'm lucid or not, because they're so short and it all happens really quick.

I was just wondering if anyone have tried this before, hehe. And if it means that you're close to lucid dreaming.