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      Holy smokes! LD's everywhere!

      Sorry about the long post but this is incredible!!!

      I had little sleep last night, and had ta catch an extra hour before work today. I was in my mom's SUV, and every time I dosed off, I went straight into a dream in literally no time. One episode took place in about 3 minutes. Every time I had a dream, I realized I was dreamin because I was conscious that I was really in a truck in the parking lot of my job. One was a false awakening, and I looked at my cell phone clock and saw that I was late for work... which couldn't be cause my alarm didn't go off. I looked again and the time had changed; instant LD! I had another dream that a lady was trying to convince me that I was in her car. She had the same keys as me, including the key chain; and when I looked back, I saw another identical set of keys. I realized that this couldn't be... then I realized that I was in a car, not an SUV; instant LD again. That was a good one, I started loosing focus so a started saying "keep lucidity." It started fading fast so I started yelling it and it helped. Then I had a dream that I was at home... it took about a minute to realze that I was in a dream cause I was supposed ta be in an SUV; instant LD again! I had at the very least 4 lucid dreams... all within an hour! It is curious how dreams always come easily during naps when they're supposed ta take place in deep sleep; maybe it was cause I was tired... But how cool! I wanna get ta sleep early tonite so I can fly again!!!
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      I can only imagine how cool that must have been for you!

      Congrats and keep those LDs coming!!


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