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      is DILD a method or a lack of a method?

      From what I understand, all my LDs have been DILDs, that is, I realized I was in an LD because of something strange I saw in my dream, or even just spontaneously for no particular reason. Is this really a "method" like WILD or is it just kind of how LDs happen naturally in the absence of a method?

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      Its kind of both, its a method in the way that you can train yourself to induce a DILD by reality checking and such in everyday life. You can make the fact that you realize its a dream occur more frequently through the method.
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      it can be both the effect of a method, or the absence of need of a method
      sure it's good for the lazy
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      It is definitely a method - as a method by definition is "A means or manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something"

      So for you to accomplish a lucid dream you perform regular RCs or you notice dream signs etc, there are many scenarios which would trigger lucidity, which without knowing this method would not have happened, by chance it does to some, but for those who do not know about it, and learn to lucid dream, there are systematic tasks performed to accomplish a lucid dream via DILD.

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      Hey there,

      I'm going to contradict previous posters. Although the contradiction is purely on the level of definition. What they said holds a lot of truth. its just that I do believe we need to get our definitions straight to ensure we talk about the same kinds of things.

      So, with that in mind:

      Neither WILD or DILD is a technique or method. WILDS and DILDS are a type of dream. WILD is a wake initiated Lucid Dream, DILD is a Dream initiated lucid dream.

      Now to confirm what the others said. There's methods of inducing DILDS, just as there are methods of inducing WILDS. Some of the methods for inducing DILDS even overlap to a degree with those for inducing WILDS.

      Several of the more common ones:

      - Teaching yourself to recognise dreamsigns
      - Teaching yourself to do consistent reality checks (for instance once every hour, whether asleep or awake)
      - Mnemonic suggestions before going to bed ("I will have a lucid dream tonight")
      - Subconscious suggestions via various software or induction devices such as the novadreamers
      - Usage of external medicae/foodstuff/vitamins/drugs
      - ...

      Some of these "methods" have "methods" of their own on how to achieve them. For instance teaching yourself to recognise dreamsign has its own seperate methods on how to do that (try to be more aware during the day, try to look for oddities during the day or elements that you know you often dream about, etc etc).

      So yeah, just like for WILDs, there's many methods on how to induce DILDS

      On the other hand, both WILDS and DILDs can spontaniously on their own, without using a method. For some people this happens with such consistency that we call them "natural" lucid dreamers. Although most people need to use methods and techniques to get any degree of consistency in incuding DILDs or WILDs.

      Hope that clarifies things,


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      A DILD isn't a method, it's a category.

      DILD = Dream Induced Lucid Dream
      WILD = Wake Induced Lucid Dream

      The most common method (the first LaBerge discovered/teaches) for DILDs is MILD.
      Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams being the induction of Dream Induced Lucid Dreams through intention.

      The most common (the first LaBerge discovered/teaches) for WILDs is the Hypnagogic Imagery Technique.
      Induction of Wake Induced Lucid Dreams through following hypnagogia into sleep.

      So, aye, DILDs and WILDs are the two categories of lucid dreams.


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