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      the deep feeling that stops lucidity

      im fiarly new to this fourum so i havnt had the chance to have a look at all the text, so sorry if this has all been said before

      im 20 and i have naturally lucid dreamt since i was around 12. i just realised i was dreaming, and ever since every other night i lucid dream.

      i was just wondering if anyone has the same experence as me when i say ' the deep feeling that stops lucidity'. when i start lucid dreaming its normaly in the morning when i wake up and go back to sleep. it normaly only happens in shallow sleep. when i get further into the dream i have less control over it. it feel very heavy, or deep, or sap of energy. an example of this, is if im having a kind of night mare/ lucid dream... i think o i can just have a sword, or a gun... then i can shoot the bad guys away... or i just think your not here, and the bad thing turns into a good thing... however when i get deeper into the dream, i have less of these 'powers'.

      anyone feel the same? is it inevitable? or have people sustained this power?

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      I find that deeper within sleep, it is hard to remember (and fully understand) that you are actually dreaming.

      Because of this, things become harder. I have a way of resolving this. For example, in one of my dreams i was trying to walk through a window without breaking it. I thought that if i ignore the window, i would easily be able to pass through it. So i ran at it.

      Unfortunatly i wacked my head of it and bounced back.

      This is where i stopped and thought. I starting thinking about what a dream actually is, what lucidity means, how everything around me isnt real and that it is all under my control.

      I decided to no longer ignore the window, but to remember that it is just one of my thoughts and that i can control it. Atfer that, i had no problem walking through it.

      Anyway the point is, if something become difficult, don't keep trying. First, stop and think, then have another go.
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