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      need help please

      I had a dream and its haunting my day. Can't stop seeing it over and over- if someone could help it would be very appreciated.

      I live in an apartment on the beach with my dog. In my dream I noticed a bar in the water. I went down stairs to check it out the drinks were to expensive so I went swimming instead when the bar blew up. I was under water at the time and saw the fire over head spread and light up the whole ocean. I didn't come up right away I heard an announcement that there may be dangerous fish in the water and looked up and say a ball of fish with some sharks swimming under them and I immediately ran out of the water and come up stairs.
      Once I was home when I was terrible weather coming. I saw from my baloney many tornadoes over the ocean, at first they seemed like nothing but then they were destroying boats and coming up on shore, so I ducked under a mattress the tornadoes came up all and were blowing into my window. While looking at the aftermath, I saw a huge dark red cloud coming which turned out to be a fire ball that kept getting larger right before it blew also through my window I ducked with my dog under the mattress which caught on fire but protected us. This happened several times, the last of which there was a woman changing behind me and I helped get the older woman under the mattress as the fireball came across came of the water and again in through the windows, some of my apartment was on fire but it didn't seem to bother me.
      I went down stairs walked over to another apt building when another fireball started to come across the water, so I ran back towards my apt when it appeared I wasn't going to make it. There was an older woman who was slower then me so I grabbed her and brought her with my behind some stairs. Right when I thought the fireball was coming again it first started to rain ice, which was a relief but then the fire started to come at first it wasn't bad but then it got hot so the woman and I huddled behind the stairs cooled by the ice but getting warmer till it passed and then I woke up.
      To anyone who can help or take a shot at helping I really thank you.

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      First the thing to ask would be what about this dream bothered you the most? I envision a response of "the whole thing" so I'm going to assume that's it. I'm not an expert at interpreting dreams, nor do I claim to be. The best person to do that is you. If this were my dream, I'd gather the following from it:

      First of all in the initial disaster you were sort of "hiding", i.e. underwater when the bar exploded. You didn't actively choose to do this, but that would bother me as I think of myself as proactive and involved in that sort of situation, you were powerless to but observe. Powerlessness can be scary (or fun, if that's your thing) You chose not to come up and see if you could help right away, and then there were "dangerous fish" in the water. You can diverge at this point in how you look at it, you could be being "punished" for your initial fear, which is possible if you feel that being afraid is a "bad" thing. Or it could be that disaster was just "following" you. Which of those it is I can't say. Later however you protected the older woman and your dog, the fact you initially mention your dog before stating the dream tells me this dog is important to you. The predominate theme I see here is regardless of your actions, whether you are afraid or actively trying to engage the situation, saving people or watching from afar, you seem generally powerless to prevent these things from happening. Applying that to the real world, you indeed ARE powerless against those things. Tornadoes, sharks, explosions, giant fireballs on the rampage ain't easy to stop. I wonder if it's this "lack of control" that is the source of disturbing-ness of this dream? To tackle that, I can think of two things. In waking life, we must realize we are generally powerless to control some things. Now I can argue back and forth against the validity of reality and "what is real" but that argument is useless here. In your dream world, of course, you can control these things. If you believe that would help you, then this is the right place. Look around at some threads and tutorials if you haven't already. And know this with confidence: The real world may be up for debate, but your dreams are yours alone. They are your world and you are fully able to weave their fabric as you see fit.
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