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      Cool Support in numbers

      How is it going fellow LD'ers?

      Its been a while since i have been here,i am getting back into Lucid dreaming after abit of time away as i got my real life sorted but now i have the time to focus again on this...i have finally started my dream journal and have been writting down my dreams from the ones i have had everynight..to ones i had in earlier life...but i get annoyed....i want someone i can talk to about lucid dreaming...someone i can share my thoughts and progress with and will not think im crazy..i was thinking bout lucid dreaming all day once and i was at work kind of day dreaming when i collegue asked me..u ok?? "im fine" i replied "you don't look fine" he would say "do you really wanna know?" "yes"

      "im studying and honing my ability to lucid dream" i would say smiling

      and i would get a werid sideways glance and he would back off,Don't you all here at the forums hate it when someone wants to know or you wanna tell someone but you think they will think you are crazy

      i do..so i don't tell many people..but here on the forums of this superb site im looking for friends who wanna talk bout lucid dreaming and the steps to achieve it as i have only had one very short lucid dream (about 10 sec)
      though i hadnt kept a dream journal at the time..

      i am a WILD inducer...

      if you want to talk about all this and whatever you may want to talk about..send me a PM any other comments can reply directly to this thread...
      The main aim of getting to know some of you is to inspire and incourage me while i learn my abilities,,anyone is welcome..but i dislike people who lie about having LD's to look cool....it just aint cool guys truly.

      look forward to hearing from you...

      oh and also..i have Some deeper problems...Anyone with experience with dreamstalkers ect..i would like to hear from you...i really need your help!

      later everyone..sleep well


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      I understand you so well. "It is able to win control over your dreams and do everything you want and fly and..." - "You okay?" - "Oh well just forget"

      So in my view the Forum is wonderful because you can share everything with other people by being still offically sane.

      I can't really imagine that anyone lies about have a ld, because i think its someone you have to archive for yourself and not for anyone else.

      nice you joined again

      ps: dreamstalkers?!
      I'm not the signature, I'm just cleaning here.

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      Depending on how you broach the subject to people, they can be very open to lucid dreaming or at least think it's pretty cool. However, the main reason people think it's odd that I pursue LDs is that they view sleeping not as an activity but a state where you just shut off your mind and conk out for 8 hours. They think it takes more effort than it's worth and that it will reduce their quality of sleep (despite me telling them this isn't the truth). The sad fact is that most people are just really damn lazy If someone on this forum knows a great way to get people interested in it, by all means share it with us, because I'd be just as interested as you are in finding the ideal method.

      I'm pretty cautious about who I talk to about my lucid dreaming hobby. Over 6 years I've only got 2 people semi-interested. It's hard... I wouldn't recommend giving up trying to find (offline) friends to share your hobby with, but in the meantime enjoy the company this forum provides and keep your chin up

      P.S. What do you mean by "Dreamstalkers??"
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