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      Choline - nutritional dream/sleep-enhancer?

      did some research on dreamchemistry wanted to know what happens in our brains when we dream wondered if there is a possible miracle pill that could help us have easier lucid dreams: found out that our brain is flooded by Acetylcholine Ach a socalled neurotransmitter during dreaming. problem: you cannot take in Ach directly it wont make it in your brain due to a certain barrier in the brain. but Choline is a nutrient that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which the brain is flooded with during REM sleep.
      it is now 2 months since i am taking 600mg choline (sustained release 40% better absorption). in the mean time i have to say that the strongest effect is on my sleep-wake-rhythm: i used to sleep from 2am to 10am. since taking every day choline i get tired about 10pm - then i still stay up until 11pm - but then latest by 12pm i'm dozing off... and wake up refreshed by 7am or 8am...... most people would enjoy this - for me it is actually a bit ennoying/disturbing because my entire social life starts generally not before 9pm until.....
      but it shows me clearly that choline really does have an effect on the brainchemistry - especially since it is the basic substance for synthesizing acetylcholine Ach - which is most important in for memory & concentration - as well as dreaming. all in all a good experience - will continue and finish the bottle - i would recommend it especially for poeple with chronic fatigue, concentrationproblems combined with sleeponset disorder. i really think that the choline is doing its job: deeper sleep, feel more rested in the morning, more dreams, longer, clearer, more colorful.
      would be interested if other people could verify that.

      here 2 links on which i based my experiment:

      (fundamental dreamresearch)

      (nutritional info by a M.D.)

      hypnos 8)

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      Yes i use it for ages already...i noticed choline in bitartrate form gives a little bit more lds and
      choline as phosphatidyl choline gives more colour and more vividness in my dreams.
      So is more related to rem sleep dreams.
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