Hi everyone,

I thought I would make an attempt at laying out some protocols for how this new forum will work. The whole purpose of this forum is to verify, refine, and maybe combine some of the new induction methods that have been proposed. The author of a new technique is responsible for evolving his technique from an idea to a fully formed and proven technique suitable for inclusion in the tutorials section.

Here are the basic steps:

1) The technique is presented in a post. Most of you have done that.

2) The technique should be compared to existing official techniques, if it does not differ significantly, it should be considered for addition as a footnote to the existing technique.

3) Some clinical trials must be performed. This involves getting volunteers to follow your technique for a period of time. I suggest at least 10 volunteers using this technique for a month minimum.

4) Each volunteer should note his baseline lucidity rate before using the technique. i.e. 3 LDs a week

5) During the trial, each volunteer should practice the technique faithfully, noting any difficulties and maybe making suggestions for improvement.

6) At the end of the trial, effectiveness should ne evaluated. If the technique does not work on the sample group, it should either be refined or scrapped.

7) If refined, it should enter the clinical trial phase again.

8) If the technique is proved effective, it should be written up as a tutorial, reviewed, editted.

9) The finished tutorial will be published.