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      when can the chakras be considered open or active?

      when people do chakra meditations i think they move on to the next chakra either when they feel something, when they have gone through certain exersises or after a certain time.
      but just because you get through them all or feel some energy movement does that mean they are open?
      or is that just working on opening them and when they open you have and OBE or Kundalini or something?

      like peoples goals is to eventualy open them so what is supposed to happen when they are fully open and active?

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      Chakras are energy vortexes, it's not really accurate to say they're dormant or closed. If the heart chakra were "closed" the heart wouldn't be beating. It coordinates to nodes of energy in the body. These energy nodes are not arbitrary, they serve specific functions. That being said, chakras can be blocked and suppressed, and most chakra opening meditation is about clearing these blockages and allowing the chakras to fulfill their highest potential.

      So there's not really a line between open and closed, there's sort of a scale between more suppressed and more open, and you can easily tell if they're more open because you can feel the difference in their energy. You can easily feel the way energy surges around these vortexes through simple body scans. When you realizing the surge of energy has intensified, you realize you've made progress.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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