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    Thread: Subconscious

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      The human unconscious is just the damnest thing!

      As "Inner Sanctum"ists our first priority should be to unravel this thing.

      When we close our eyes we look at this, random dreams are a result of semi-consciousness, our behaviour is mostly rules by subconscious. I think it is very important to realize what the difference is between subconscious and conscious. Perhaps the] link between lucid and non-lucidity. I think a lot of people fail here, in daily life. Including myself. But when you fail to realize when you are being tricked and when you are making a conscious descision there are numerous pitfalls in which you can be trapped in. Addiction is one of them. So that's why I think it is perhaps extremely important and quite an overlooked feature of reality/human experience. First things first, it looks to me as if animals don't really have this problem, because animals don't show signs of conscious desicion making. They seem more or less limited to what we would call subconscious behaviour. In other words predictable, mechanistic, instinctual behavior. I think it is also very easy for an animal to become basically addicted.

      While writing this, I think that me typing this up was a conscious descision. It provides something new and took a binary descision. You could say that before my choice became a 1 or a 0 that I was basically functioning on a quantum probability between 1 or 0. Thus I made a conscious descision. A lack thereof could be seen as a non-conscious choice. i.e. a drug addict choosing to inject himself with Heroine every day without question has no frame for choice. He has basically already made his descision before every day. Therefore, the only probability he has of choice is 1.
      On the contrast, choosing a 0 will at the leastrequire a conscious descision on his part or his surroundings. His surroundings are a factor. They have the potential of manipulating him into 1 or 0 and the potential of giving him a conscious descision. i.e. an intervention. This does that mean that I think that doing something daily can not be a conscious descision. I do think however that making a conscious descision about something on a daily basis will drastically alter the potential of alterations or novelty in future descision making. If you doubt your habits every day eventually you will see flaws in them.

      Well that's that. The real Gem i came to share here. Or gem.. I think it is quite a gem. It was a realization for me this morning to see how subconscious behaviour affected a simple conversation with a female. And it stands as a framework for every other conversation I can ever have and how subconscious plays a role in them and how it affects behaviour negatively/postively. I have for a while now pondered upon what generates words that seamlessly surface my mind during conversation. I now realize it is subconscious that does this. And I consider the possibility that a person who talks uninhibited is driven by subconscious exclamation. This is useful for more extreme cases in mental disease and could be a sign of dementia. It is not all bad ofcourse because it's polar form is someone who inhibits social exclamation and is considered shy or insecure. But I think these people are actually more conscious in their descision making.

      A conversation is ruled by an internal input to 'say something' which comes from a memory bank. This internal input is usually triggered by another person's words or sentence. A conversation is so flued that there is never a chance to access memory bank during spontaneous conversation. So the immediate response is Always triggered by a subconscious internal trigger. The words ready to be said upon analysis I have found are predictable based on previous computations. Take flirtation for example. Say you like a boy/girl and you are having a basic conversation. Basically the conscious mind has it's attention on the conversation at hand. It takes a lucid mind to realize that the conversation is also governed by intention and feelings. It takes even more awareness to realize the feelings of the person you are talking to. Imagine a conversation with someone you have feelings for but who is married. You are aware of this fact and flirting in this case would be considered inappropiate. I will bet 9 bucks that 9 out of 10 times the internal subconscious will generate sentences and behaviour that have to do with impressing or generally flirtatious behavior. Despite the fact that the conscious mind knows it is inappropiate. It takes an internal conscious descision to deny this impulse so as not to get into a fight with a mad husband or wive at a dinner party.

      But I believe there is another way of communicating. One that does not involve subconscious at all. And thus no ego. To arrive there seems difficult to me if not impossible. This is my motivation to make this post to see if we can figure out how we can improve on this Obvious flaw.. I do think it is a flaw. I feel it is important to add that speaking uninhibitly and entire subconscious also proves a lack of fear and lack of shame. I wonder if we can incorporate this fact into something practical. If anyone has something to share or add or knows something about subconscious please do. I basically just thought al this up right now and have no idea if it makes any sense at all.
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      I agree that's a worthwhile line of thinking. Many thought processes are subconscious so you can do them in parallel with conscious activities. Many are also subconscious because if you had conscious control over them you'd hurt yourself. Being able to consciously control endorphin levels would be a bad idea for most people for example.

      There's a cooperative interaction between the conscious and subconscious processes. For example, the subconscious processes are sensitive to conscious suggestion. If I ask a question, in other words if I consciously endorse a question that my subconscious has suggested, it does its best to find an answer. My moral values, which are informed by what I feel subconsciously, train my subconscious impulses. For instance, if you get sufficiently on the same page with yourself, you don't need a conscious decision to avoid flirting, your subconscious can handle that. Likewise with truthfulness.

      I agree with the desirability of openness and sincerity between the conscious and subconscious parts. My 'spiritual' development, such as it is, all has to do with that. And the more sincerity and self-control there is, the more openness is possible, in other words, the more connected the consciousness is.

      I think that there's always naturally at least some division or wall, because the individual and collective parts of ourselves aren't focused in the same scope. That difference in the subject of attention amounts to a division. I think we can tear down the walls of persistent ignorance and secrecy though, and I work on that.

      I think there's nothing wrong with guilt or shame if you interpret it as useful information about the nature and consequences of your behavior. It only becomes a problem when you try to run away from it, or if the values that generate the guilt or shame are not honest, or if it is so strong that it reinforces the unhealthy behavior that causes it. I agree that a good goal is to get the whole psyche working together, without the moral impulses fighting the appetites. That can't be accomplished by one part triumphing over the other, all parts are needed.
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