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      Intention groups

      I've recently been reading Lynne McTaggart's latest book 'The Power of Eight' about the apparent healing effects of intention groups and the groups that have been set up around the world for this purpose. Whether you or I believe the effects or not, it got me thinking that the members of this forum could be ideal participants for such experiments given their mental training in focus and attention. I'm not suggesting that the intention for others be transmitted only in the lucid dream state, although that would be an interesting experiment to see whether the effects are amplified through that method. Rather, at the set time and duration for the intention, participants would send intention in their preferred way such as meditating while awake or in the lucid dream state. Obviously the difficulty is in lucid dreamers becoming lucid during the intention period, but perhaps time becomes irrelevant in that state.

      Although she sets a minimum group number of eight I think a few less would still be sufficient for first attempts. The important factor seems to be that the participants intend at the same time. She then has ten minutes duration for the intention sending. The only requirement I see here would be a private thread where the recipient of intention can divulge their health condition.
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