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    Thread: DanMcFan's Workbook

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      DanMcFan's Workbook

      Reality Checks:
      -trying to push my fingers through my hand
      -counting my fingers
      -pinching nose and trying to breath

      Dream Signs:
      -real life locations

      Short-Term Goals:
      -improve dream recall
      -improve awareness in dreams
      -have a lucid dream a week

      Long-Term Goals:
      -have a lucid dream a night
      -maintain stable lucid dreams
      -remember 3-5 dreams a night

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      -one semi-lucid dream
      -recall 1-2 dreams a night

      Current Technique:
      -ADA and DILD

      Please post any comments and suggestions so I can improve my lucidity and technique.
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      Hey Dan! Workbook looks good so far.

      So your semi-lucid was a DILD? How did it go, if you remember. And I'll just say that as far as suggestions for you, if you're sticking with ADA/DILD (which is great, tons of my LDs have been that way), then I would recommend 1. keeping a dream journal. This improves recall and seems to increase the number and length of dreams, allowing you more chances for DILD. And 2. WBTB, if you're not practicing that already. Waking up early, staying up a bit, then going back to sleep quite often helps "prime" your subC for lucid dreams. I can't recall a single lucid dream I had that didn't occur after waking up, then sleeping in a bit longer.

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      The semi-lucid dream I had was a result of me doing a mindless RC in the dream where I try and stick my fingers through my hand. My finger passed clean through and I then became semiconscious in my dream and tried to conjure up a women to have my way with. The only thing that appeared were a pair of lips floating in midair and then I lost my hold on the dream and everything faded to gray. I have been dream journaling as instructed in lesson I. I have had a few dreams so far but never have enough time to write them down when I wake up. I did write one of the dreams down later in the day and as I wrote the dream began to become more clear and my memory was less fogged. The more I thought about the dream the clearer the picture was of the area in the dream. I haven't tried any WBTB yet but I am going to attempt a WILD tonight after about 6 hours of sleep. Thanks for the advice and I'll keep on dreaming.

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