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    Thread: Coheed's Workbook

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      Lightbulb Coheed's Workbook

      Let's get started (again).

      Reality Checks:
      - Looking at my hands
      - Sticking finger through palm
      - Holding nose and try breathing
      - Look at text/clock, look away, check if text/clock changed (rarely)

      Dream Signs:
      - Teeth falling out
      - My friend Patrick and his dog
      - Hotels (maybe)
      - Forests (maybe)

      Short-Term Goals:
      - Become lucid in a dream after only having one random one in the last 3 years
      - Succesfully do a TOTM
      - Find my dream guide

      Long-Term Goals:
      - Succesfully do WILD
      - Get more control over my sex drive while lucid (had a lot of problems with this back then)
      - Finally work off the list of dream goals I wrote about 4 years ago

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - Very first lucid dream when I was a grade schooler.
      Sometime in 2002
      My very first lucid dream (DILD)


      I was at grade school and walked down a staircase to get outside because recess was going on. The other pupils of the school weren't normal people though. They were all sorts of fantasy figures. One of them was a big Schwarzenegger-like guy. Everytime someone said the word "evil", something snapped inside of him and he got the sudden urge to kill and destroy everything. If someone said "good", he would turn back to be normal again.
      A few kids played around with that until this ability "broke" and the guy just staid on evil. He went totally crazy and started raging like Hulk. At one point he got some kind of laser-bazooka. I got hit by one of the shots and lost my hand. I was absolutely terrified.

      At this point I became lucid, but that didn't help. I ran away, hid behind some kind of small shed and screamed for my family, hoping they would wake me up from this nightmare. Unfortunately no one heard me in IRL...
      Shortly after a giant tornado approached the field and took everything with it.
      This is where my sister finally woke me up and I was never happier.

      - Years later when I found out that this was called lucid dreaming I started reading about it and practice it. My very first intentional LD was a DILD.
      It started non-lucid with me going on a walk with a bunch of IRL friends near a lake. I checked my hand for an RC and even though the hand looked totally normal I suddenly became lucid. I wanted to make it snow. It took a while but after some time a few snowflakes came down from the sky and the lake started freezing. I guess I woke up after that.

      - I had 12 LDs since then over a course of 4 years, the last one being in August of 2013, which was an absolutely unexpected DILD.
      About Dream Recall, I rarely wrote anything in my DJ in the last 3 years, but I started doing it regularly again a few days ago.

      Current Technique:
      - DILD. Doing RCs everytime I think it's appropriate
      - I try WBTB / WILD / MILD nearly every night.

      Why do I want to lucid dream?
      Well, why the hell wouldn't I want too?
      Personally I was always absolutely amazed by regular dreams. I loved talking about them and I loved hearing what other people dream about. So when I found out there is an actual scientifically proven way to learn to control your dreams there was no way I could pass that by.

      What I want do in my next lucid dream
      Revisit the hotel from my recent dream "The Familiar Hotel" to:
      - Find out why it felt so familiar
      - Find out what happened in the part of the dream that I don't remember
      - Complete TOTM Basic II
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      Oh boy, oh boy. Not only do I have trouble dreaming recently (had no memory of any dreams on sunday even though I slept a lot) I actually have trouble sleeping.
      Last night I got to bed at around 11 pm. I put on a playlist some random guy put together, full of lucid dreaming friendly music, on Spotify. I was listening to this from time to time for some days now.
      So I was laying in bed, listening to this and just didn't move. After a while I got into a state of relaxation I don't think I ever felt before. I didn't even have the urge to move around or anything. I got the usual HI and dream snippets after a while but I never fell asleep. I enjoyed it though.
      3 hours later my PC just randomly turned on for no reason. Very noisily and bright... Took me right out of the calm state of mind. So I got up to kill it and went back to back, deciding that I should shut off the music now and just try to sleep regularly since it was already very late (or early). But I just coulnd't sleep at all. I pretty much tossed and turned for another 2 to 3 hours and then just decided to give up and get up.

      I'm still awake because I don't wanna go to sleep in the middle of the day. I'm not even too pissed because of the sleep deprivation. What makes me more angry is the 2 nights without any dream recall...

      I'm so incredibly eager to go back to the goddamn "familiar hotel".

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      Alright, I'm doing a little bit of progress: My dream recall is great. I actually think it's better then ever. 7 dreams last night, 4 dreams and 2 dream fragments the night before... It's going good.
      It's actually going far enough to make me think "Goddamnit, another dream I have to write down?" when I wake up from it. lol But just seconds after that thought I remember I would kick my own ass if I wouldn't do it. But yeah, it can be tiresome when you wake up in the middle of the night with 2 very long dreams in your head which take time to write down, even in notes. And then after you wrote those down you get ready to sleep again and suddenly remember another dream.
      Really glad I'm not weakening yet.

      No LDs in sight though. I havn't done any RC in my dream yet, even though the theme of lucid dreams appeared.
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      Welcome, Coheed!

      Congrats on the improved dream recall. 7 dreams is really amazing, keep doing whatever you are doing there.

      You're also doing WBTB, which is good, as well as waking frequently. Just keep up that MILD work, and know that as you drift back to sleep that the very next thing you experience is going to be a dream and that you will realize you're dreaming. If you go into a dream with that thought hammered into your head, your odds of success are high indeed.

      Good luck!

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