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      pcspecs workbook

      Reality Checks:
      -thought i saw a blue doorknob
      - i saw random words written over the wall
      -i saw a yellow stain on a green fence
      - a door closes on its own.
      - i thought i saw a glimpse of a sign in mid air
      -i tried doing wild and thought i might of had a false awakening
      -i heard a metallic click sound randomly
      -someone had put a new soap container that i had never saw before in the kitchen
      -i saw a glimpse of a weird looking animal
      -checking for false awakening after nap
      -checking for false awakening
      -randomly do reality checks throughout the day
      Dream Signs:

      Short-Term Goals:
      -to be able to have lucid dreams regularly
      -to be able stay lucid for a while

      Long-Term Goals:
      -to be able to have lucid dreams on demand
      -to see the most beautiful scene that my mind comes up with
      -to go to England during the industrial revolution

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      -don't understand the question

      Current Technique:
      -still thinking
      What to do in next Lucid dream
      -To ask my subconscious what i want to do in life.
      To do list
      -see the most beautiful women i can imagine
      -travel in a spaceship to a different planet
      -To time travel and affect the outcome of certain important events.
      time wake up
      -10.45 6:00
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