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      Kai (MonoicEcho) Here! It's very awkward as I still have yet to record down my dream so.. I'll be leaving some blank as I don't know what to write down ><!!!!! I hope I'll be a good student and will be able to lucid dream in the near future .

      Reality Checks:
      -Nose Plugs
      -Asking myself whether am I dreaming or not
      -Counting my fingers :3

      Dream Signs: (Still can't figure this out as I still can't remember my dream well)

      Short-Term Goals:
      -Be able to record a dream everyday.
      -Be able to stay calm during my Lucidity.

      Long-Term Goals:
      -Attain Lucidity in my dreams.
      -Able to work my way up to fourth level of lucidity

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - None.

      Current Technique:
      - Trying to learn FILD
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