Reality Checks:
- Counting my fingers
- Pressing 2 fingers to the palm of my other hand

Dream Signs:
- I have noticed that Youtube Videos are usually involved in my dreams, usually ending in a jumpscare/screamer
- I usually have bad dreams involving gaming/creepy pastas. . Very rarely, however, I have a good dream.

Short-Term Goals:
- Learn more about Lucid Dreaming
- Learn how to keep lucidity. (If you saw my dreamviews journal entry, you will know this, but I had a dream where I was an RPG character walking in a forest. Then, I accidentally thought of a creepy pasta, and no one was there, but my RPG character started taking damage. Weird. I was in the first person perspective, and I might have been lucid. I am honestly not sure.)

Long-Term Goals:
- Have a lot of good lucid dreams, and learn how to control lucid dreams properly.

Current Technique:
- I am really not sure how to use reality checks in dreams, but I do that anyways to at least attempt to have a Lucid Dream.