Hello DV!
I've recently got the interest to try going Lucid in my dreams, and through searching for material I found DV, and this course sure looks like what I'm in need! Never really had a Lucid Dream, and I'm currently in a state where I barely remember what happens during the night. There is a lot of work to be done, wish me luck!

Reality Checks:
1. Looking at hands / Drawing three dots on hand and checking it
2. Trying to push fingers through hands
3. Pinching
4. Trying to change the environment around me using my Will

Dream Signs:
- None yet

Short-Term Goals:
1. Better dream memory
2. Achieve lucidity in a dream
3. Gain control of dreams

Long-Term Goals:
1. Use Lucid Dreaming to progress spiritualy
2. Meet my Spirit Guides
3. Explore the Dream World
4. Get to know diferent dimensions

Lucid/Dream Recall History:
- Nothing yet.

Current Technique:
- Meditation before and after sleeping
- Dream Journal
- Sungazing throughout the day
- Self-awareness and daily mindfullness
- Reality Checks

I really hope I can accomplish something with this!