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      Visuals while LD-ing using WILD method

      Hey first time using the WILD method and here's what happened. When sleep paralysis came in, I hear a high pitched, ear piercing shrilling sound (normal to me) and knowing that it'll lead to LD, I just let it happen. When it finally died down and I realized I was dreaming, it was lucid but not exactly the most vivid of lucid dreams.

      My visuals were foggy and misty at best, coming in and out of focus. I got really excited, and afraid that I was going to wake up, tried rubbing my hands together. I could sort of "see" of them rubbing but I definitely FELT it. I got up from my bed and walked and took ridiculous strides, felt like liking walking in water.

      The weird thing is, I always sort of knew I was still lying down on my bed but it really felt like I was up standing. Every time I spun my body, rubbed my hands and took a step, I could always FEEL it in that part of the body.

      So what's up with the visuals? How can I make it more vivid?

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      As I've heard, it simply has to do partly with engaging the senses and partly with commanding your dream world. For one, this means taking note of how things smell, feel, taste, and the like on one level. One guy, for example, found a towel in his hand once and simply crammed it into his face in an attempt to keep lucid. On the other hand, some people verbally command, "Increase vividness," or, "Increase lucidity." It's something to try.

      Also, welcome to Dreamviews! From the looks of it, you've read up a bit, so you may not be new necessarily, but . . . welcome!

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