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      Longest nightmare - always realize its a dream.

      So I've been having recurring nightmares for the past 2-3 years. To the point that I started to realize I'm dreaming and wake up. The nightmares are always the same, i'm at the side of the road or on my car and I see someone get run over. I'm never the direct cause, sometimes I just see the event, other times my car is in the lane to the side and prevents the car that runs people over to change lanes, sometimes I was passenger of the car that ran the people over. The thing is that i've had that exact nightmare pattern 36 times; to the point that whenever I see someone get run over I immediately realize its a dream; it became a kind of reality check.

      Guessing I had wised up to those kind of dreams a few nights ago I had a different kind. It all started with the sounds of cats fighting on an industrial dumpster which was located at the side of my house. I'm with this woman, we go to check and find that there had been a fight and there was a man with a broken neck almost dying. We put him on a stretcher, (So i'm guessing I was a paramedic) and bring him to the front porch. At this time I see a little girl about 1 year old on the floor lying dead with a broken neck too. There was nothing we could do so we keep working on the guy in the stretcher. Then I look over at the girl again and she is standing there with her head hanging and sleepy/dying eyes. I start telling to myself over and over "She is just gonna fall over." as in fall over and die. All the while the woman was asking for my help with the stretcher guy. I snap and pick up an object and to throw it at the little girl and finish her. At this point she is disoriented and waddling around, turns her back to me does her little clumsy walk and picks up a cat that was lying against the wall. I stopped and started thinking if I should do it. I finally decided to don't do it, and just when I dropped the object she falls downs and dies. I looked over at the woman tending the stretcher guy and she just tells me "he's dead."
      Next it became night, I was in the same front porch this time with my brother's wife and my 1 year old nephew. We hear the sound of cats fighting just a little up the street, we go to check it out. Then on top of the street I see a huge lion eating something. I stop and start slowly walking back and calling my brother's wife, she just ignored me and keep walking up the street. Until seems like she saw it too and started slowly walking back, when she was finally was near me I picked her up and ran back to the house (the fact that I was able to pick her up should have been a clear sign that I was dreaming, lol). My whole family is in the living room watching TV, we get into a fight about her whole carelesness and what not. I get up to go to the bathroom.
      It was day, the bathroom was a long hall with lines of toilets looking at the wall, the walls had huge paintings and had a huge window just at the toilets height that you could see inside from a busy avenue that was outside, kinda like a museum. I sit down at the farthest toilet to do my "business", I look back at the window and see a car just a millisecond away from hitting me, it had already broken through the fence, I tense up and feel the crash, It had missed me by a few inches. The people inside had basically exploded from the crash, had some blood on me. Out of fear or rage I jump completely naked on top of the car and start beating up the people in the car (the feeling of my balls dangling as I stand on top of a car beating up people through the front window is something I rather forget). I suddenly hear someone scream "Get inside or the zombies, the zombies are coming" I look at the avenue and I see zombies eating people. I run back to the bathroom entrance and close the door. Standing the the word zombies start to ring in my mind and realize it was impossible and it had to be a dream, so I wake up.

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      Instead of waking up once you realize it's a dream, can you try to stay in the dream and change the scene?

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      Yes, the last time since it was a new dream I woke up instantly. But whenever I have the car running over people dream I can stay lucid for increasingly periods of time.

      Last one was the longest. I was in the car with my mom, she wanted to drive. After she ran people over in my car I realized it was a dream. So I changed my mom for my best friend and went on a road trip. He said "We need some whores man!" I looked at the back seat and surely, there where 2 whores on the back seat. So we go to a motel, before we could do anything the commander of the US army bursts down the door 'The world is being attacked by aliens, and you are the only one that can save us!" So he gives me the most advance US aircraft to go fight the aliens. I'm flying shooting down all types of alien aircrafts, and arrive at the mothership conveniently located over the washington monument. My ship started beeping and beeping, after a while I couldn't take it anymore, and start looking for the source of the beep. My brain falls into place and realize its the alarm clock and wake up. Stupid alarm clock.

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