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    Thread: Is that Lucid Dreaming?.. I'm new! HELP!

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      Smile Is that Lucid Dreaming?.. I'm new! HELP!

      Hello Dreamers,

      Before I start I want you to know some information:
      1. The method I used was taught to me by a friend who has lucid dreamed several times.
      2. The method is:
      A. Lay down on bed and cover your eyes with something
      B. Stay still and don't move at all
      C. Keep saying "1, I'm dreaming.. 2, I'm dreaming.. 3, .....etc" (but I don't know if I should say that in loud or in my mind) untill you reach 100 and you should get into a Lucid Dream while counting


      OK, last night i went to bed at 1:2* AM, i think, and after laying down on the bed.. I started by closing my eyes and saying "1, I'm dreaming.. 2, I'm dreaming.. 3, ....etc" in my mind (not in loud voice) but then I realized that I forgot to cover my eyes so, I moved to get a pillow and put it on my eyes.. Then I started counting from the beginning, I slept at Fiftees, i think, but I didnt dream at all then I woke up at 2:2* AM and went back to sleep.

      After that I had a nightmare with a man coming towards me.. but I did a *snap* and changed it into a desert and I was coming from the sky then, I did another *snap* and changed it again.. then, I woke up and went back to sleep but this time I didn't dream till morning.

      And every time I woke up I did a Reality Check, by pinching my nose and closing my mouth and try to breath.. also did the finger and the hand thing which all of them FAILED each time I check.. but in the nightmare I had, I didn't do a Reality Check, Why?? because I was like a spectator but I was in the dream, I don't really remember, I wasn't living the dream so I couldn't move and do what ever I want......

      So, is that a Lucid Dream and is it normal??
      Is there something wrong in this method??
      Did I do something wrong?

      Please, give me advice and help me with your experience and sorry for the long thread but I wanted to give you every detail so you could give me back good and accurate advice, I'm really confused.. BTW, last night was my first try..

      Thank you for reading all of this to just help... cya and happy dreams!

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      Omar, welcome to DV .

      It sounds like you had control in the dream, but you weren't lucid at the time. This is perfectly normal, as lucidity and dream control do not come hand-in-hand for most people. The method you're using seems mostly good, and it sounds like it's just an interpretation of the MILD technique (mnemonic induced lucid dream). In MILD, you do a mantra as you try to get to sleep; in other words, you repeat a phrase in your head over and over again, and try to fall asleep with that phrase being the last thought in your head before you fall asleep. I'd say you don't need to cover your eyes with anything though, but if this helps you get to sleep, then do it.

      You didn't do anything wrong in the method, and you're remembering to do your reality checks when you wake up. However, every time you do a reality check in real life you should try to be aware of everything you're feeling and any sensations you experience from the reality check. For example, increased ear pressure from trying to breathe out of your nose while pinching it. Finally, I'd say give it time. One of the best tools you have available to you, should you choose to accept it, is patience.

      If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask in a post, or send me a private message.

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      I agree with ShockWave that this was a kind of MILD.
      I believe your friend may have been thinking of a WILD as well, as he told you to lie completely still.
      This method can work, but read through some of the guides, one of my favorites being: Naiya's DILD & WILD Secrets.
      Yes, it's very long, but it's very thorough and explanatory.
      I would check it out if I were you, and as ShockWave said, be patient.

      Good luck
      Keep dreaming.

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