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      improving dream recall: do i have to do this?

      hi everyone,

      i read the guide on the main site about dream recall say that it's best to wake yourself up in the middle of the night so that you'll be able to remember the dream before the memory fades.

      Do I really have to do this to be able to get better at dream recall? And if I do, would I have to always wake up in the middle of the night in the future because i'll either 1) be so used to it or 2) be the only way to remember dreams?

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      well you can use autosuggestion with a mantra like "i will wake up after my dreams" or something.
      You don't HAVE to wake yourself up every night to remember your dreams.
      Start with a dream journal, your recall will get better naturally. Waking up in the middle of the night does allow you to remember more dreams, but its not the only way to remember dreams.
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      You don't have to wake up, at first you can just write your very vivid dreams that you remember. If you want to skip the night time recording you can also just practice ADA (All day awareness), this will make your dreams more vivid and easier to remember (For me anyway). it worked for me, try looking it up on search it's worth it.

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      You don't need to wake up during the night, another way to recall is to try stay completely still when you wake normally in the morning. Keep your eyes closed and try to remember where you were last. If nothing comes then try and think of particular poeple or palces (and if you have any dream signs) and this should trigger a memory. Also try to think of something that was stuck in your mind during the day. As it is most likely going to appear in your dreams.

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