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    Thread: Strange Dreams

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      Strange Dreams

      Hello, First time poster. I almost always only dream about what seem to be completely irrelevant and strange dreams. Sometimes lucid, sometimes not. I have experienced the ability to be in control of my dreams since I was 14 or so, just knowing I am dreaming and not falling into a set path some dreams may seem to follow. I have felt the urge to fly, so I can fly, I have teleported, though, it was more of a change of scenery than me being in control. I did not think I wanted to go a certain destination, it just occurred. I just found this site this morning and it seems very interesting. I have always been intrigued by dreams and what they could represent

      A couple years back I had a really interesting dream that I will never forget. I do not know if it was randomly coincidence or what. I was on a school trip with my class to South America (keeping it concise), and met this girl in a mall. We made eye contact and she smiled then ran off. I followed her through a hole in a wall that led to the jungle, she was running. and I chasing. Then a tiger jumped into the whole scene and I was on the family couch sleeping in the living room and could not move, like I had experienced sleep paralysis. All of a sudden there is a knock on the front door of the house, I cant move or talk and its complete darkness, with only some moonlight slipping in through the windows. The man enters the house and walks right past me on the couch. It was just a silhouette, I could not identify the image. He walks by me, and goes in front of the patio door that is next to me and begins to knock there, and at the same time my father knocks on my bedroom door to wake me up. It was very strange to me, and I dont know much about dreams, if anyone can clarify. Thanks a lot!
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      Hello, and welcome.
      Dreams are almost always connected to something in your life, no matter how strange they seem.
      Try with writing them down, and think about it and what could it mean. I think this is the most important thing that you can do with your dreams. It helped me a lot!
      Sounds in dreams are often connected to sounds that are happening at that time in 'real life'. So sometimes when alarm clock goes off, I dream that a telephone is ringing in my dream and I cant answer it.

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      Thats a pretty strange dream
      sadly, im a newbie, so i cant rly help,
      but could that have been a dream sign?
      theres someting i could help u with

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      Sounds like you woke up into SP and were seeing HH, Your ears do not shut off when you are sleeping so you hallucinated the knocking man when you heard the knocking. SP can be very confusing and intense so I'm not surprised at your post.

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