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      Hey there!

      Hello! I'm new here (but I suppose that's just stating the obvious). Let me just start by saying that I'm very excited to become part of this community! I actually found this site a few days back and I was immediately fascinated by all of it. Here's a little about me and my history with lucid dreaming:

      I have had two lucid dreams before, but this was before I ever knew anything about it. Naturally, I spent the rest of the dream just watching wacky events unfold around me and being very, very confused. (I believe this forum calls them DILDs) I think I did look it up though, and found a name and a definition. I never looked further into it.

      A year or so later I came across a lucid dream inducing technique. I was very eager to try it out since I had often thought about my previous experiences and wished I could have taken advantage of them. I decided to attempt it that very night and so I did. I relaxed with my eyes closed, waiting patiently but making sure to stay fully awake. After awhile I felt heavy and convinced that it must be working. However, no dream came. I felt uncomfortable--entirely awake but so dreadfully tired--and then it started. I don't know how else to say this, but it was like I got "stuck" between sleep and a full waking awareness. As soon as I felt I was waking up, I'd be plunged back into sleep. Before I entered a truly full sleep, I was shot back toward an "almost waking up" feeling only for the process to start over again. Again and again, unable to break either barrier. I must have finally fell asleep but woke up the next morning feeling exhausted.

      One statement on this site jumped out at me and reminded me of this:
      "Attempting to WILD when you first go to sleep at night is not recommended. You can do everything right, but there will be no dream available for you to enter (or at most, a brief and unsatisfying dream)." (Official Dreamviews WILD Tutorial)

      I wish I had found you guys earlier, haha!

      Anyway, I think the main thing that completely convinced me that I should join this forum was when I read about reality checks. I began to practice it everyday, even though I doubted it would actually work (who would remember to do it when they're sleeping?!) But sure enough, last night, I had a DILD. I seemed to naturally do a reality check (which for me, is looking for small reflections [the glint of metal that reflects light, perhaps]) and was immediately excited when I realized I was dreaming. My next thought was 'But I don't have a goal for lucid dreaming! What do I do?' and for some reason, hugging one of the people in my dream sounded good.

      Not breathing fire. Not flying. Not going to some amazing place. No, my lucid dream was spent hugging a stranger in the middle of Walmart. (I'm such a acreative individual, if you couldn't tell.)

      But the point was that it worked, I woke up excited, and then decided to join. I look forward to meeting you all and to work on inducing lucid dreams and actually make some goals for myself (because heaven forbid I spend my next lucid dream eating cereal or something)!

      ;-; And I ramble when I'm excited. Congratulations on making it through alllll of that ^

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      Welcome Scissors!
      Yes, when it comes to WILD, doing so when going to bed is hard. Its easier when taking a nap or when you wake up in the middle of the night. WILD goes very well together with for example DEILD (Dream exit induced lucid dream). Long story short, you wake up, do not move and enter another dream almost instantly. Here's a tutorial about it if you're interested: DEILD Tutorial - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      I too am really fascinated by reality checks. The feeling of "gaining" lucidity is very cool.
      You should feel proud about actually gaining lucid! You seemed to have a stable dream too. For next time homever, i can really recommend flying. It is something you will never forget, that feel of total freedom. Also, its never bad to keep calm sometimes, and just explore the dream. Also gives you time to practice some dreamcontrol!

      So once again, congratulations on your LD and welcome! I know you will enjoy it here, lots of friendly and helpful people, very knowing about the arts of dreaming! If you ever want to ask something, you can always PM me. Im happy to help with what i can! Good luck and dream on.

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      Welcome to DV, Scissors! Just want to point out that there is nothing wrong with spending a lucid dream hugging a dream character: it's kind of like giving a hug to yourself, since the DC in a way is part of you, too. So maybe you needed a hug, and luckily you were able to give and get one.

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      Hey Scissors! If it's not asking too much...

      Eheheh, just kidding

      I like your WILD description, many people here also arrived at DV with those kind of experiences, it's always fun to see loads of other people telling similar stories to yours. When I was a beginner, I also tried performing a WILD when going to bed, was the longest wait of my life ahaha xD

      Regarding reality checks, it's indeed doubtful at first that they appear in dreams, but just as you experienced, they do indeed happen due several reasons, like residual memory, prospective memory, incubation, or habit. Pretty much all kinds of DILD techniques rely on one of those aspects. Join the tool of awareness, and you've got the principles of lucid dreaming right there.
      Anyway, make yourself at home and see you around
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      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
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      Trying out MILD? This is how you become skilled at it.


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