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    Thread: My Introduction

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      My Introduction

      Hi everyone I just wanted to introduce myself for my first post on this site so let me start with some basics about myself.

      -Im 20 y/o but as of posting this ill be 21 within the week (WOO-HOO legal consumption of alcohol!)
      -I'm currently attending classes at the University of Central Florida.
      -Although I don't really like the label I guess I can best be described as nerdy. But hey can't we just like things without putting labels on ourselves?
      -Sometimes I like to pepper in expletives in my writing because sometimes they get the point across more effectively and frankly their just fucking fun to use.
      -Aaand there's more but that's good enough to establish who I am: a nerdy college student In his early 20's.

      I became interested in lucid dreaming right at the end of January so I've been at this for a solid 2 months. In that course of time I've managed to have 4 or so LD's one of which was slightly prolonged so yay! That was in my first month however, since then I haven't had any more LDs but I've learned the consequences of slacking off on your dream journal. I found this site through the side bar on the Lucid Dreaming sub reddit where my interest in lucid dreaming began. Since then my newfound dream recall and short experience with LDs has sparked a slight obsession on the matter. So much so that I went out and bought a copy of Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming which i'm finding is a very interesting and insightful read. I decided to come here because I found that the Lucid Dreaming sub reddit mostly consists of people sharing their first LD or asking basic questions so I wanted to get involved somewhere with a little more substance, somewhere where I could learn more from experienced oneironauts and hopefully get some tidbits of info that will improve my abilities. I also wanted to make an account here ASAP so that I could participate in the Buddy Program which sounded super interesting and requires being a member for one month, so now I just play the waiting game haha. Anyways I hope this site can teach me what I need to know to start having LDs every day and I hope to meet some cool people who can help me get there!

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      Welcome to DV and happy birthday within the week!

      Man, that's awesome, 4 lucid dreams within 2 months. That's really neat how you've already had so much success, and you seem to be quite enthusiastic as well. I'm really excited for you to have even more fantastic lucid dreams.

      If you have any particular questions about lucid dreaming, feel free to send me a private message. I love answering questions and helping people.

      See you around!
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      Hey Trikkstr,
      Congrats on the lucid success so far!
      I'm excited to see the Buddy Program encouraged you to join! I can't wait to see who you pair up with.
      If you're looking for any guidance in the meantime, the DreamViews Academy is open to anyone and has some fantastic teachers.
      See you around the forum!
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