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    Thread: Hello from Minnesota

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      Hello from Minnesota

      Hi everyone,
      I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now and decided it's time. A person can only go so far on their own. My whole life has been a search for any and all altered states. I've had dozens of spontaneous ld's and extremely rich vivid dreams, especially in my preteen years, but have not succeeded with intentional methods. I have extensive experience with hallucinogenic states through entheogens and deprivation practices and rituals. I have been fascinated with all these things since childhood and have spent a lot of time inside my head. I could easily lurk around, gather info and apply it, or join in, meet some people, and probably learn even more. So here I am.
      My main method of interest is wild. Many of the experiences and tricks I've picked up from my past seem as though they could compliment this method. I have been attempting this lately and also do reality checks as a fail safe if I happen to crash. So anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to the experience.
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      to DreamViews, kveldulf!

      It's great that you already had some LDs. Here you can read more about how to induce them intentionally. My favorite method is WILD and DEILD, but I love DILDs as well.
      Induction Methods and Techniques

      I'm also interested in things you are. Looking forward to your posts. If you wanna chat, join us in our IRC. Happy travels!

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