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    Thread: Hello to all!

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      Hello to all!

      I have been a member of this site for a while but I have never really participated.

      I have been interested in dreams and lucid dreams for most of my life. I am 55 now.

      I have a few Lucid dreams by accident. But never intentionally no matter how hard I have tried. I mean that I can have dreams where I recognize that I am dreaming but that is as far as it goes.
      Something like "Oh look there is a nude descending the staircase, I am dreaming."

      I am trying to get a grip on how to get better. I have kept a dream journal for years and I have interesting dreams. But there are times when I can remember nothing.

      Nothing as in it as if I didn't dream. Even though all the data in my home made sleep lab ( I have an old ZEO and android phones gathering different statistics (respiration, movement). But I can remember nothing.

      If there is any one who has any tips on remembering dreams, or ideas on why some dreams get "pushed through" to the conscious mind while others stay obscured, I could use the insight.

      If there is a discussion on this somewhere on this sight you could post the link.

      It is great to be with all of you!
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      I am no expert but from my meagre experience I would say my recall is proportional to my genuine interest.
      By the act of using a dream journal you are affirming that dreams are of importance to you. And the more avidly you approach it the greater that importance. As a result you pay more attention while actually dreaming, allowing for greater recall and subsequent journalling.

      This cycle can build and build until you are paying enough attention in your dream to say "Hey, i'm dreaming!".

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