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    Thread: Measuring eternity

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      Measuring eternity

      This is my recollection of the night terrors I used to get as a child of 4-6 yrs old. It's of rectangular shape,going slight left to right.It went on for as far as I could perceive.there was end less black or white moth space around it.I didn't have a body so to speak,just me if I thought about the black space it got immensely bigger and the rectangular shape distant.This happened instantaneously and impossibly slow.I remember the feeling if I could find the end of the rectangular shape(remembering it like a bridge shape)that I'd be 'out' safe.It never ended.I remember concentrating on the space so I could get a distant view of the bridge rectangle.that didn't help that's when you could hear feel the vibration that deafeningly quiet.then I remember as if I was trying to get on th rectangle it would just get bigger with me not getting any closer more vibrations, the closest sound I can relate it is when Spock senses Vger on the first Star Trek Movie.I either got the night terror from that or the sound reminded me of measuring eternity and the futility of doing so.I remember the fear of being trapped if couldn't find the end and screaming in endless terror because I couldn't give up. My mom said that these night terror episodes went on for 30 to 40 minutes.....felt like forever to me.
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      That's an interesting dream. Especially since I had something similar in that age. I dont remember if the background was white or black.. But I remember that I was stuck watching a big cylinder that was slowly grinding at the same spot in floating space for eternity. I understood that this was all there is, and it scared me even after waking up from that dream.

      Have you had any more dreams about eternity after that?
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