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    Thread: Hello everyone

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      Hello everyone

      Hello everyone my name is Max. I found this site while doing research about trying to figure out the meaning behind my dreams. I used to not dream hardly ever but about a month ago my partner of two years left and ever since then I've been dreaming regularly. Some nights there can be up to six dreams in a row. I've been trying to decipher them myself with little luck. I just want some clarity on what they mean and to possibly figure out if my fiancÚ might come back.
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      Welcome, maxjones.

      Glad you joined. It's awesome that you having dreams. Some may indeed have a meaning. The person dreaming them is the best one to try and decipher them. Simply because nobody else knows you background as well as you do. Different things will have different meaning to different people, based on our lives.

      But perhaps not all dreams are trying to tell us something. The may just happen because we think about something intensely.

      Good luck and happy dreams


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