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    Thread: Hi guys, experienced lucid dreamer here.

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      Hi guys, experienced lucid dreamer here.

      I'm coming from Reddit, and I find the people in /r/luciddreaming are mainly beginners, whereas here there are quite a few people who are way more skilled than me and very experienced, and I could learn a lot. So I came here.

      I was a natural lucid dreamer as a child, but these skills faded when I turned about 12 or so. When I was 13, I was very interested in lucid dreaming after reading Stephen LaBerge's Concise Guide, and throughout my teenage years I tried on and off with periods of great intensity and periods of low effort, where I practiced lucid dreaming skills. Now I am 17 and have had probably like 300 or 400 LD's. I intend to be more consistent in my practicing, and I have already seen great results. So far, I have nearly mastered WILD, with 80% of my attempts succeeding, sometimes even at the beginning of the night.

      Something I particularly like about this forum is the Tasks of the Month and Year because they give us all something to work towards and are great teaching exercises that force us to work hard. I plan on becoming a regular here because I would love to learn from the experts here.

      So hi!
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      Hi Gedackt~ Welcome to dreamviews. Its great that your willing to learn more despite being experienced.
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      Welcome to Dreamviews!
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      "Dream look real, but they're in your mind, so you realize that the physical world is also a construction, which shows that the mind can affect reality in more ways than you can imagine." ~Stephen Laberge

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