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    Thread: Hello. My lucidity has awaken.

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      Hello. My lucidity has awaken.


      I am new to this forum. Last night I had my first true lucid experience. Some time ago I was interested in this lucid dreaming thing, but I didn't put it in practice. But now, my interest has awaken again and I am going to begin serious practice.

      I will explain my experience:

      I woke up at three o'clock in the night (I sleeped for 4 hours), I went to pee and return to the bed. I spend an hour ago thinking on interesting stuff that keep me awake and I lost my sleepeness. Finally, I got tired and I felt sleep (I wasn't consciuos during the process).

      Now I am in the world of dreams. After some unimportant scenes, I am laying in the bed and I can't sleep. I get up (to go for a walk) and I experience difficulty in taking off the bed sheets. I am standing but I notice something extrange happens: I can't see properly, I feel one of my eyes closed and with the other I see things blurry (I had this experience in the past). I went to the kitchen while turning on all the lights I can. I bend over the kitchen countertop and I try to clear my mind in order to regain clarity of vision. I put effort on this, breathing fastly.

      Then, I started to think that maybe it was all a dream. I think this was due to seeing my own feet raise above the ground in a way inconsistent with living in a planet with a gravity like ours. Therefore, I started to try to elevate me in the air. I knew that in order to get free from the dream I needed to create more inconsistencies. After a few seconds, I started to float and spinning around the kitchen; furniture wasn't a problem. One thing changed: the kitchen was dark, the light was off (when entering the kitchen I lighted on). I began to think that a monster could appear in any moment and I got scary (I knew that thinking in monsters could project them in that plane). So, finally I started to come back to my body. I don't remember if I come back immediately or I alternate the two places (kitchen and bed). What I remember is that my body was paralysed, so I needed some effort to move myself and break free.

      It was a lucid dream or an astral projection? Why the light of the kitchen changed?

      Thank you,

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      Hey! Welcome to DV!

      Awesome first experience of lucidity!
      Indeed that was a lucid dream.

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