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    Thread: new here. came looking for some idea on what i seen

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      Question new here. came looking for some idea on what i seen

      so. i was really tired so i took a nap and woke up an hour or so later and while i had my eyes closed. i heard a female voice tell me that they died in an allyway nearby. and a black drawn chibi shadow figure. with green name above them named agatha. started creeping closer. my instinct told me to open my eyes but i had trouble doing that while struggling. and where her pupils would be started to glow red. as she was getting closer and i opened my eyes completely as she got close.. i was freaking out alittle when i realized what it was. i had no idea what that was. anyone got an idea?..
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      Hey, welcome to DV!

      It sounds like you may have awoken to sleep paralysis.
      When we are in a dream, we have what's known as "REM atonia". This is the paralysis of your muscles to prevent you from acting out your dreams with your physical body and it keeps your eyes mostly shut.
      When we experience that paralysis while awake, it is known as "sleep paralysis" (SP).

      Hallucinations can easily occur during SP. It's a little bit like dreaming while awake.

      Your experience there does show signs of like a spiritual sort of event. You could maybe check records to see if a woman named Agatha has died somewhere near you.
      It might have just been random hallucination, but it wouldn't hurt to check!
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      Oh, and Hi.

      Yeah those moments between sleep and wakefulness can be really trippy. Over the course of the night we gradually become more... asleep (to put it simply). Sometimes during naps we can quickly get into that deep sleep and it can cause some issues when we are trying to get up. It could have some real implications to it, or it might have just been a dream character trolling you right before you woke up I wonder if Agatha was flagged for PvP (if you dont get that just rejoice in the fact you dont get that).

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