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    Thread: Newbie saying hello!

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      Red face Newbie saying hello!

      Hi everyone! Complete newbie here, just started learning about lucid dreams and am pretty sure I've had a few a long time ago. Also learning about astral projection - came across both these topics very randomly. I generally dream a lot and have had some strange and confusing dreams - I've had 3 this week alone since I've started meditating again and I'm really curious to learn more about what they could mean. I feel like I could be missing some really key info and lessons about myself if I don't look into them and just ignore them!

      I'll post shortly with the three dreams I've had this week, they've all involved the same person in my life

      But for now, hi everyone, I'm excited to be here and find out more!
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      Hey there. I joined today as well. So this is my second post. I feel I'm in pretty much the same place you are as far as experience with lucid dreams. Good luck with your progress. I hope you'll achieve lucidity soon! I've only been trying for two days so far, and while I've had dreams, I have had no awareness that it is a dream until I wake. Cheers to another newbie!
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      Hi zelcrow I hope you do too! It's such a fascinating area. I often have quite vivid dreams, but the lucid dreams I think I've had a couple of without realising. So I'm excited to explore this area. Good luck with your progress too and keep me posted!

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