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    Thread: Hello all! Giving this a try!

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      Hello all! Giving this a try!

      Hello all,

      First of all, I apologize, my English vocabulary isn't the greatest. Also, please give me time, I am used to chatrooms, not forums. Will gratefully receive any tips on posting.

      General facts about me

      26 years old female
      Student doing internship as an electroencephalogram/nerve conduction study technician
      Off and on drug abuse since I was 14 years old
      I love cats, spiders...classical and metal music
      I get Abilify (aripiprazole) 400mg IM every 3 weeks, Seroquel(Quetiapine) 100mg prn, Lyrica(Pregabalin) 125mg

      Sleep+dream related

      I get sleep paralysis and know very basic things on it as we had a small polysomnography course in school. Not interested in going into PSG though.
      I sometimes lucid dream but I don't care that much for it.
      I have recurring dreams which I will post about
      I started sleep walking in periods of stress. About 3 times a year
      I have restless leg syndrome and bruxism

      No clear expecations from this site. It is always an honor when someone shares their dreams with me (as I believe doing so puts one in a vulnerable mode)! Sharing my dreams+having others attempt to interpret (even if might not be what it actually is) really helps me go on with my day!

      Thank you so much for reading!

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      Welcome to the forum.

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