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      I have been a lucid dreamer ever since I can remember. I started really controlling my dreams and nightmares around 14 years old. I am already pretty skilled at defeating the monsters in my dreams by changing forms and such. I am 40 now and a couple of years ago I started experiencing something different being lucid in my room instead of sleeping (between state being lucid dreaming in my room instead of my comfortable dream world) and seeing other beings there. At first this would follow with paralysis where I can't scream and\or OBE. Now I am able to scream and sometimes my eyes are open and I still see them, I can move and talk but only for a moments before they are gone.

      I know it sounds crazy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have not been sleeping well because this scares the shit out of me.

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      Normally, our physical body is immobilized during our dreams due to something known as REM atonia and when the dream goes away the REM atonia goes away. Sometimes however, this system does not work as it should, resulting in sleep disorders. A sleep disorder known as sleep paralysis occurs when REM atonia occurs when we're not dreaming, and another sleep disorder known as REM behavior disorder occurs when REM atonia is incomplete while we are dreaming.

      It sounds like you had sleep paralysis and then later had REM behavior disorder. It's understandable that experiencing these things would result in stress and poor sleep, especially when experiencing one after the other. However, stress and poor sleep may make these disorders more likely to occur, so they are best avoided, if possible.

      Scary as they may be, sleep paralysis and relatively mild cases of REM behavior disorder such as this are not harmful. Knowing this may help relieve stress and improve sleep.

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