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    Thread: Hi everyone!!

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      Hi everyone!!

      Hi everyone, I'm Harmonize.
      I'm signing up because I got really excited after seeing the Spring competition. I think it's a bit late, and honestly I'm still trying to figure out how to use the site. But I will definitely want to sign up for the next seasonal competition as a beginner. I love community stuff and I think that would help motivate me.

      Some history…
      I have all my dreams digitally archived. I have them for every year going back to 2013. Oddly enough, right now I have exactly 1,999 dreams recorded. I know there are people who completely blow that out of the water, but I'm proud of it.
      I've been trying on-and-off since 2013 to lucid dream. I only have 25 total…I think I might be one of the worst LDers ever lmao.

      I've had 1 lucid each of the last 4 months, so I think I might be getting more on the right track. For me, the consistency in practicing a method has NEVER been there. That's my biggest problem. My main practice right now is Naiya's MILD before I sleep and also in the middle of the night for a WBTB.

      Another random thing…years ago I was purposely getting into sleep paralysis just for the fun of it. I even experimented with giving in to total panic and seeing what would happen. That was crazy. I don't do that anymore haha

      Also, on a handful of occasions I've had hypnopompia coming out of sleep. I could visualize anything I wanted in hyper-crisp detail, but then after maybe 10 seconds that power would fade. I wonder if I would ever be able to purposely obtain hypnopompia coming out of sleep more regularly.

      I think my ultimate goal (in addition to have lots and lots of lucids) would be to participate in one of those shared PR groups. I was always sad that I wasn't good enough to participate when I've seen them pop up in various places. I'm referring to those things where they brainstorm a fantasy world and each person makes a character. Each day when you wake up you post what quests you "completed" or what activities you did. Not actually shared dreaming, but more like an asynchronous offline RPG. Or like correspondence chess.

      My April goal is to have 2 lucids instead of 1. For 2024 I would like to have one month where I have 1 lucid each week.
      Anyways, excited to meet everyone. Thank you for making this site!
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      As a fellow newcomer, I welcome you!


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