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    On top of playing around 15,000 to 20,000 hours of minecraft, I watch as many story driven minecraft videos as possible, i also tend to day dream about nonsensical situations all the time. Because of this my dreams have been cursed, in a good way.
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    Day Dreaming, gaming, programming
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    Limb Manipulation, Minecraft (LD)-Night of 4/14/24

    by Gejoh on 04-16-2024 at 02:52 AM
    Cyborg Hunt

    A couple of scientists were really sad when they found their cyborg was dead. After scanning it they, thought the "living" parts were counterfeit. Meaning that the alive half of the cyborg escaped. The DNA was very important to them. Eventually they found the living part and shrunk down to the size of cells. They were surfing on a glowing blue metal thing hitting corrupt parts of the flesh with a rod. The rod triggered an immune response and the surrounding tissue stretched out, forming tendrils that attacked the spots.

    Limb Manipulation

    I hear my brother call for my sister "J, come!" I'm facing a wall I know I didn't fall asleep looking at. "Ah I'm dreaming." I begin closing my eyes and twitching my fingers for a reality check, as I open my eyes, I'm floating in-between many false awakenings. I begin rubbing my hands together until eventually I stabilize in a void. It's different than normal though, it's hard to explain but it had depth to it. When I started flying up, I could sense that I was traveling through a three-dimensional area if that makes sense. "Minecraft, I want to visit Minecraft. What does Minecraft look like?" I began thinking to myself.

    Then all around me I began to see the World forming, bright, vibrant and blocky. "Time to experiment" I thought while bringing my hand up to block my left eye. Just like IWL I saw double, there was a transparent section followed by a solid more defined section of my hand. Satisfied by the results I brought my hand back down. The only thing was that only the solid portion of my hand was in my control. The translucent portion stayed behind and solidified as a large object next to the tree's that were in the background. "Maybe I can use this."

    I start heading in a random direction. "Cursed arm summoning." I imagine my arm reaching through the ground in front of me. I see it reach out and I can control it like my normal arm.

    I continue walking summoning more arms under my control. Spontaneously, I decide to try grabbing things with the arms and pulling as a way to boost me forward faster, it fails.

    "I can try to summon a husk for possession at this rate" I look at a distant mountain for the husk and find it. The arms are reaching out of the ground and it's pulling itself upward. It's now just standing still, it resembles an armor stand with missing textures. "A perfect blank canvas."

    I think about possessing it, then my body begins moving in 4 quick forward zooms, as soon as I'm about 20 feet away I finally fully possess it. I turn around to see the husk I left behind, it's now running straight at me. I hold my hand Infront of me and dismiss it into the abyss below, it falls.

    I start looking around the top of the mountain and hear a Girl talking.

    "You wouldn't believe how much a chunk with a Lemon and Apple tree cost me, zero!"

    "This is my chance to talk to a DC," I started thinking to myself about what I should say or even how I should talk. "Just say something, idiot." I focused.

    "Oh my dear, that must have been expensive!" My words came out delayed, and I noticed I sounded extremely posh and had a British accent.

    "Didn't you hear me?" she questioned. "It cost zero!"

    "Oh well, I seem to have misheard what you said. That's fantastic!"

    "It's simply horrible! On top of that, I have to live next to the river where I can go boating anytime as well!"

    "Now, now, don't want to get too exuberant about the river now, shall we?" I quipped, breaking a few blocks in the chunk as we spoke. The sarcasm was nice, and she seemed to be happy.
    I saw some artwork hidden in the blocks I was breaking.

    I wake up.

    The day before this dream I was car-pooling with my family to my sister's 40th birthday in Dallas, it was a 4 hour drive and I was using active imagination for some spells I could cast in a dream.
    I thought my spells could link to something I already know how to control, like my arm moving I thought. So I came up with a few spells. Here are two.

    Cursed Arm Summon:
    Summons an arm out of the ground that I can control. The arm can be grabbing an object as it comes out, such as a sign or tree and use it to swing around.

    Cursed Husk Summon: First summon the arm, then imagine it's pulling it's self out of the ground fully. The idea is have it do something that you want, or possess it for short range teleportation. It's important that the summoned arm is under your control. *My brother suggested that possessing a husk should leave a body behind, and it would attack me.*

    I basically had around 8 hours of active visualization imagining what it would look like.

    Besides that I wanted to try and put my hand in front of my left eye to see what would happen in a dream.

    Updated 04-16-2024 at 12:10 PM by Gejoh

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , dream fragment , side notes

    Brief LD-Night Of 4/10/24

    by Gejoh on 04-11-2024 at 05:55 PM
    Color Code
    Intentional Control
    Just open your eyes WILD
    I'm in the void as I enter the dream, I start flying upwards and let myself drop and begin falling, I decide that I'm just going to open my eyes.
    Like the last time I tried opening my eyes in the void I see that I'm in bed unable to move, but instead of closing my eyes and trying to wake up I imagine moving, it works. I begin rubbing my hands together to gain some stability but fail. I'm now stumbling through a dark distorted version of my room again there are lots of burst of ringing, I attempt the nose pinch RC and I have no hands, good enough. I see some rags or paper on the ground and remember my first three step task and banish them. They just blink away revealing the floor.

    I wake up

    Note: I'm not sure if this is me turning SP into a dream, a false awaking, or something else.
    lucid , false awakening

    Market robbery-Night of 4/7/2024

    by Gejoh on 04-09-2024 at 12:48 AM

    *Need to go to sleep earlier, I could sense if I laid in bed longer I would have a lucid but sadly I have to work!*

    J and I were in a Walmart trying to buy some bread that was on a quick spinning display. It was frustrating because every time we tried to grab it other products would get knocked over. The time window to grab it was less than a second.

    We ended up getting frustrated and decided we needed revenge by robbing the store of random stuff. we started making an escape when we realized we didn't have a car. We stole a really old, rusted metal bodied car and took off.

    J was driving and I was somewhere in the back feeling a hole in the vehicles exhaust, it was blasting air out and was sparking.

    Some time passed and the police caught up to us, pulling us over. As J pulled over, he got out and ran to the back of the vehicle "Watch out a snake!" he pushed a stolen inflatable snake that was hanging out of the trunk and slammed it shut, hiding the stolen goods. "We need to search your vehicle!" demanded the officer. "Show me a search warrant first!" J retorted. The officer looked annoyed and told us to stay put as he walked back to his car.
    We knew we were in trouble so we booked it while he wasn't looking. We got pretty far away and found a large wall camouflaged like the surrounding area, it had a door we decided to go through.

    I wake up.

    Updated 04-09-2024 at 12:51 AM by Gejoh


    Liminal lucid-night of 4/6/2024

    by Gejoh on 04-07-2024 at 01:59 PM

    I slept pretty well.
    All of my LDs thus far have been through WILD.

    Although I am able to get LDs fairly easily I'm still relatively new when it comes to lucid dreaming, before the contest I just let myself naturally have them when I could "sense" I was able to have one.

    I have this fearful feeling like "wow, I'm going to lose my mind." But I know I'm not losing my mind, I'm just becoming aware of it and feeling afraid.

    Color code
    Intentional control

    Uncontrolled Drifting: WILD
    I'm drifting through this building. Floating up through the ceiling from one floor to another. I'm rubbing my hands together in an attempt to stabilize and gain control. The dream clarifies a bit but when I go to land back on the floor I just phase right through it to the floor below.

    *I wake up and remain still*

    School to Minecraft: WILD

    *Before I enter this dream, I'm telling myself I want to visit school.*

    I enter a school; the hallways are long and dimly lit. Everything is stable and I'm able to walk around for a while. I'm not really trying to do anything, and I get bored.

    I begin to fly at high speeds into the wall. I phase through it an now I'm in Minecraft and everything is bright. I remember my last three step task, Mass telekinesis, I see about 10 mobs and beckon them, they begin floating. I continue flying beckoning every mob I see, causing them to float and follow me. I see a hallway leading into the school I was just in and turn around to see them still following me like balloons and dismissively gesture the mobs.

    I turn back and land in the hallway, back to reality, I see someone and begin chasing them, it felt natural for some reason, they begin running away from me. I see them turn a corner and open a door, I jump into the air and attempt to stop them from closing the door by slowing down time, unfortunately that slows me down too. The door closes and I'm now frozen in time. I look around and see a monitor about 20 feet away, it has Minecraft on the screen, I'm able to control and play it from a distance. I stop after about 3 seconds though as I feel the dream ending.

    "Don't be fooled by a false awakening I remember last time"

    False Awakening?

    My eyes open and I can sense I'm not actually awake. Attempting to move my arms fails. "Sleep paralysis?" I've already decided the next time this happens I'm not going to close my eyes. Everything is very dark, moving like normal doesn't work so I imagine getting up and walking. It works, it doesn't feel like walking though, it feels like I'm just seeing through the eyes of someone I told to walk, it's very slow and takes a lot of will power to move.
    I'm now standing and I'm fighting back fear. The room I'm in looks like a distorted version of my room. The door to the living room here is much further away then it should be and there's no bathroom door. Continuing my struggle I open the door and can actually hear the creaking. I see the TV already has YouTube on it.

    *I set an intention for this exact scene, the next time I wake up in my apartment I'm going to get up and watch YouTube on the TV*

    The living room looks very distorted, and everything is misplaced, movement feels more natural now, I go to sit down on the couch and read what's on the screen, "wok", "mill" and something else. It's just gibberish and I don't know how to play any videos.

    I wake up

    Note: I'm very close to completing my personal goals, I feel like I overcame my fear of retaining awareness after a false awakening, but I wouldn't consider this to be exploring a real place or watching YouTube.

    Also maybe I shouldn't chase helpless DCs if I want to talk to them.

    Updated 04-07-2024 at 03:43 PM by Gejoh

    memorable , side notes , lucid , false awakening

    Fragments-Night of 4/5/2024

    by Gejoh on 04-07-2024 at 12:50 AM

    Sleep was good but I still feel a bit tired from the poor sleep from before, didn't attempt lucid dreaming for sake of sleep.
    My problem is I know how to get lucid but the way I get lucid needs to be refined.

    *This was a very long dream, all I can remember was seeing a toilet full of poop. :/*

    My ring and middle fingers were stuck together and they got separated somehow. From where they met there was now a red fleshy area left over, I could see three mirrored splinters on each finger.
    *a lot of stuff happened that I can't remember.*
    My injured fingers began glowing with blue sparkles as I walked in a dark area.

    I was playing an online game with C and B. We were under attack non-stop by a cross-dimensional bug, it was way too strong for us to be fighting at the level we were at, it would send us to different areas of the game we couldn't handle and eventually we all died. We decided to start a new game, but we had concerns about the bug. "Don't worry we won't be seeing it again" C said. Confused by his answer I asked him how he knew. "The bug was because I forgot to change my armor, last week there was a contest to see who could die in the stupidest way." he takes his satanic helmet off, it was contrasting his priest outfit.
    *the contrasting armor set was an easter egg that spawned the bug.*
    non-lucid , dream fragment