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      Lucid dreams connected to Astral Projection

      Hi all,

      Okay so the past few months I've been really heavy into researching Astral projection with little success although I use to be able to AP very easly as a child and teenager the past few years the skill has left me I've learned this is pretty common actually. I read on a few boards that some people find that by becoming a strong lucid dreamer helps them break into Projecting anyone have any info on this? I use to lucid dream alot too can't seem to really do it anymore although i can remember my dreams fairly easy still. The past few times i've tried to wake up in my dream I do for a split second then I wake up in real life, any suggestions on how to stop this from happening and stay in the dream?

      Also I was wondering if anyone has any info on dream walking or dream telepathy or how to give another person a dream you create? There is little info on the net on it and I have my own theories on how its done and how its connected to the astral plane.

      Any replies are welcome thanks
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      Re: Lucid dreams connected to Astral Projection

      Welcome to the forum ShadowyEmbrace!

      If you want a good answer you should post something in the Beyond Dreaming section of the forum.
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      I don't know much about these topics, but I do believe you can find the answer in the forum Aphius pointed you to, as some people here know a lot about the astral plane...
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      welcome!!! i know just a little about the astral planes. it's connected to dreaming,(wich you can see,)and dreaming and dream recall are very important in wichcraft and high magic. but there is a danger, you have to know how to avoid or dodge attacks from another entity from the lower planes, you have to go to a higher plane. they can't go to the high planes. i don't know what would attack, my guess is tht it would be that evil paperdoll mytholigical thing, or something related to it. i think the astral planes are the worlds where people dream. in your astral form, your a grey mist in the shape of your body.you can float anywhere you please, and if you feel lost, you can imagine your body and you'll be at it. you can float anywhere or will yourself there. i didn't know i knew so much,

      please don't delete this post, i feel so smart.


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